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Top Reasons Why You Should Date Your Best Girl Friend

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

We all have friends and are supposed to help you in every possible way when you are in deep trouble. You spend most of you time with friends let it be studies, dining in the canteen or weekend parties, you will always find yourself surrounded by friends. This brings the important question about your options for dating and why you should look outside your collection of best girl friends.

Top Reasons Why You Should Date Your Best Girl Friend

Top Reasons Why You Should Date Your Best Girl Friend

Top FIVE reason you should date your best girl friend:

1. She Knows Your Ugly Side- It is obvious that the first few months of your dating life goes well as both of you try to portray the good nature in you. Like all human beings both can have a darker side to their life and this can sea saw with sudden changes in each of your moods. Your best girl friend knows all about you in this department and won’t feel surprised and can easily manage this.

2. No Past Secret – As friends you know about each other quite a lot and almost everything that you have an interest in has been discussed in previously. This help you in creating a strong platform for a future deeper relationship with her.

3. On Auto Pilot Mode – When you start dating with any stranger it takes a few week before you actually settle down and feel relaxed and comfortable. This also avoids you having to go through an uncomfortable stage where you may feel stupid in trying to impress each other.

4. Less Stupid and More Excitement- Dating your friend sounds less glamorous but, it is exciting as you are trying to decode your friend’s romantic side which you never thought exisited before.

5. Topics Don’t Dry Out – Dating your best friend means you get plenty of topics to talk about and almost spend hours talking about common issues. After all it was this that brought you together in the first place and still keeping you together.

Comment on this article and tell us what other top reasons you would consider when you want to date your best friend.

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