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Top 3 Answers….Why Singles go Back to Their Ex?

On a fine sunny Sunday morning you are enjoying your cup of coffee and making plans for your lunch and working out your evening plans, suddenly your door bell rings, guess who is there…it’s your ex-boyfriend. He completely took you by surprise. Both of you broke up a few months back and since then no phone call, no messages, absolutely no communication. You are clueless about his presence and what is he doing at your place? You are pleasant about the whole thing and ask him to come in and invite him a coffee. You start to talk about life but no intention to reminisce and bring up the old strings. He spends half an hour at your place and before signing off he looks at you as if he is trying to say something, but just could not manage to do so.

Top reasons to go back to you ex

Top reasons to go back to you ex

You spend the entire afternoon thinking his reasons to visit your place, does he want to patch up with me? Is he wanting to come back to my life again? And what is my stand? All these questions give you a hard time or leaves you with sleepless nights. Many singles go through this situation more often or not and found themselves on “Love Square” where you contemplate going back to your ex. However, before you go back to your ex try to answer three top questions to avoid regrets down the line.

1. Do you have feelings for anyone else?

Answering this question is important because if the answer is in the affirmative then you are loosing an opportunity of creating a new relationship and there is no gain in going back to your ex. This gives you a strong reason not to go back to your ex.

2. Who initiated the broke up?

If you are the one who broke up with him for whatever the reasons then you need to find the reason you broke up with him which can also trigger the break up again and thus avoid such a situation in future that left you in a heartbroken state. You get big reasons to think if he was the one that broke up with you then why would he want to come back into your life?

3. What made him think coming back to your life?

You really want to get to the bottom of this question of why he wants you back? It could be that no one really felt comfortable with him or no one is interested in him? Or he just simply wants you back.

Getting back to your ex is not a bad idea if you are still single and not engaged with anyone else, but answering these top 3 questions to get back to your ex would help you to make the correct decision.

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  1. Pankaj says:

    God and Jesus. The best is available we shloud all use them. And a date? we shloud seek a spouse or potential spouse. God knows us inside and out and even the very number of hairs on our heads. So why do not more go to God/Jesus with things like this and more?Ask not, get not. Many never ask God for anything so they get nothing for not asking. Asking makes it our will to have God do it for us, if we do not ask we are choosing to do it our way or ourselves.So take this and all things to God/Jesus and let them get it for you, or get the things of the world like the ones of the world. Do as the world, reap as the world. So use Jesus he is ours now.bless you.

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