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Are designer labels really necessary to boost your self-image - part 2

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Buying luxury items for the sake of looking good can echo a self-image that is not in line with your character. It is possible that many people will look at these people as being superficial rather than having any depth. Many do so with the aim of attracting the opposite sex however, it has to be done with a balance. If one is able to afford the clothes, car and any other luxury items without having to over stretch themselves financially then it will be reflected in their personalities. You need to consider which of the below categories that you belong to that says much about your personality.

(1) You have a tendency to overspend on designer labels and names.

It is possible that you have an infatuation for looking good and representing an image that is more on the surface than what lies underneath. You may be able to attract the people that you want initially but the long-term projection of your relationships will not look good. Think about it for a moment, if you are a man and you wan’t to attract that sassy looking lady then your chances of keeping that woman will be slim. She naturally thinks that this is your own weak self-image and you are trying to be a different person to who you really are. Once she finds that out, you will be dismissed but not on the basis that you can’t afford the expensive products but more because you have a weak self-esteem. Some men in this category will have success in wooing many women but they will inevitably end up with women who were wooed for those superficial reasons in the first place. Keep in check your spending habits and you can be far more attractive and attract the right kind of individuals without trying to distort your self-image.

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