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Commitment Phobia - Getting Viral in India

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Updated: 10th September, 2015

Commitment phobia in India has been a result of heavy social and cultural shifts in the minds of many young Indians living today. The boom in internet and increase in earning-power have played a crucial role in the mindsets of many young singles, both male and female. The primary one being that one has so much more freedom that making a decision has become harder and harder and the feeling is that the grass maybe green on the other side. Read more about it from the interesting article in TimesOfIndia and our article below.

Running away from commitment in a relationship is common in the USA and other western countries. Marry at late 30’s to ensure you know personally before tying the knot or at least test many before you meet the right person and make up your mind.

On the flip side India has been known for their strong social values, grand wedding and rituals. This has also been celebrated by many Hollywood celebrities to ensure they get the luck in the divorce capital of the USA.

Relationship phobia in India | Love life | Desi Romance

Relationship phobia in India | Love life | Desi Romance

However, this trend is changing in India young generation especially men from metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and from India silicon valley Bangalore (many other top cities) don’t want to take this responsibility in the early age - and especially not arranged by their parents.

Relationship, wedding ceremonies and romance have been the hallmark of Indian movies for the past 100 years. But, this is also taking a new turn, the latest release “Shuddh Desi Romance” (Pure Indian Romance) movie cleanly narrates new GEN Y love in India as how the trend has changed in the past 10 years from commitment focused generation to pro live-in relationship supporting India.

This has been a debate from time know as why this generation Y is running away from commitment and many social activists are putting their head in research and surveys.

Here are theories floating around for Commitment phobia in India Gen Y

1. More exposed and exchange of western culture as India being the market for many
companies and India is one of the cheapest manpower providers of many American
IT and ITES companies. This brings exposure from other parts of the world and their social structure.

2. Indian GEN Y is more independent and self dependent than some of the previous generations. Financial independence has changed how young India make daily decisions.

3. Critics are also saying that it is just in their mind as what they see outside India do not exist in India as they have a strong social bearing and no need for GEN Y to become afraid of commitment.

No matter what people are saying, the fact is that it is getting more and more evident and even the Apex court of law has also legalized the live-in relationship in India.

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ISO Certified Dating Techniques for Single Men

Saturday, January 5th, 2013

QMS (quality management system) is needed for quality management whether you are into business or you are dating. QMS assures excellent results and achieving the goals as almost predicted.

Female’s ideal male is ‘James Bond’. He has positive body language, well dressed, well built, suave and totally appealing to the female psychology. Every woman wants to date this kind of an alpha male. Men on the other hand love to flirt, go dating and spend quality time with beautiful and intelligent women but run away from commitment.


Dating has become an intricate process which requires a quality management system (QMS) in place for excellence in performance. PDCA is the management method that should be applied in a relationship for continuous improvement.

Plan-Do-Check-Act are the mantra for success in dating. The alpha male is aware that women get weak in the knees simply in his presence. Flirting and dating gives him a high and he is aware of his dislike for commitment. Follow PDCA!

Plan- decides the objective (dating her) and the expected results. Make a plan or process to achieve these results.

Do-collect the data required (her likes and interests) and implement that plan so as to achieve the goal (of dating her).

Check- compares the actual results against the expected results. Whether she was floored enough by you as per your expectation or way below when you went on a date.

Act- if she is truly interested you and you feel she is the soul mate you are searching for, adjust your actions. Analyze the cause of the variance in the planned and actual results. Alter your plan and improve it with finer detailing.

Follow this ISO certified dating technique for men and let her swoon over you.

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Are you 18+, Must do things in the World of Online Dating

Friday, January 4th, 2013

You have been waiting when you turn 18 and join online dating sites, heard a lot about success of online dating as how one out of every five marriages are happening on dating sites. Yes you are not ready for commitment but ready for dating with a smile.

Hope you have not read the recent article on where they asked is dating a good investment? We read it and found that it was not for singles who believe in love but was for hard core stock investors. As an enthusiast new to online dating you would certainly need help and expert advice to choose the right dating site for you.


Jumpdates has been a rich source of the entire major and not so major sites, check the few top dating sites review. Don’t get puzzled by the unwritten rules of the online dating. It starts with creating a comprehensive online dating profile.

Here are Top 3 things you should know before joining any dating site.

1. You should check out the user of that website by browsing a few profiles before signing up. This will give you the info. about singles you are going to meet there.

2. Young generation love Smartphone apps, checkout the site that you are joining has free mobile dating app for your Smartphone that will keep you updated about your date even on the go.

3. Somewhere you read about the risks of joining online dating sites, it’s better to find out from the experts and avoid them when you are online.

Comment of this article in case Jumpdates missed something and we will update you as soon as we can.

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Relationship Truth for Men - Giving means Dating and Sharing means Wedding

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Strange title of the article but I am sure all men would agree to this which indirectly means women will not. How funny that there are some topics on which men and women never think alike and not on the same page.

Relationship Truth for Men - Giving means Dating and Sharing means Wedding

Relationship Truth for Men - Giving means Dating and Sharing means Wedding

The relationship status can actually define how you and your partner approach each other towards materialistic things present in the world. The common disadvantage of being male is to have yourself in giving/spending mode when you are dating and girls are by default in taking mode this is how our society has been formed and running since the beginning. But, there are exceptions where it has been seen that female uses her money power to impress men.

This entire scene changes as the courtship or dating life turns to long term relationship as couples commit themselves in the bond call love. Here where the sense of responsibility gathers for both as they start sharing everything together. Now days, when we see more and more partners are earning, this sharing trend has seen a rise and will continue to be so in the future.

Comment on this article and tell us what are your thoughts are on this and what kind of relationships both genders are looking for.

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