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5 PDA (public affection) your boyfriend will love

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

Acts of affection in public (PDA) view are acceptable by Western societies though it is still taboo in Oriental and Asian cultures. During the Victorian era, it was totally prohibited though few acts of public display of affection (PDA) are acceptable now.

It is a thrilling moment when you express your affection for your boyfriend impromptu. The emotion of love rushes and blinds you while your PDA excites your boyfriend and strengthens your relationship.

5 PDA your boyfriend will love

5 PDA your boyfriend will love

• Holding hands when walking together makes your guy feel good about himself. The warmth that is transmitted gives a glow to the face and the relationship as well

• A quick peck on the cheeks or lips when coming down the escalator will take him by surprise and keep him excited enough and craving for more

• Hug him on a winter day or a sunny day. It’s always nice to give and receive a hug as it releases the feel good hormones in the brain. Keep your beltline away and your hands too above the belt-line

• Play with his hair especially near the nape of his neck and he will love it. Don’t make it look vulgar as vulgarity is always disturbing to the people around

• Don’t scream but whisper the magic words ‘I Love You’. It is perfectly acceptable in public. It makes your boyfriend feel secure and wanted. Don’t overdo to the extent of embarrassing him.

These simple and subtle PDA will make your boyfriend feel good about him and massage his ego too. This will surely lead to a better understanding and relationship between you both and make life more exciting when together.

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6 facts in dating diary of every New York single women

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Dating in New York is an adventure. This is the most lively city in the world and one can feel the vibrancy in the air itself. Loaded with best of restaurants, swingers clubs, strip shows and a party atmosphere the year round makes dating most exciting in New York.

Whether it is sex or just dating, every single woman should be aware of New York dating facts. Find love or find good time by keeping the dating facts in mind to make dating beautifully memorable and enjoyable.

Fact 1: There are 200,000 more single women in NY than men. The psyche of the men has changed as they know another woman is desperately waiting for them round the corner. They abruptly end the date if they are not getting what they want. They are in no hurry to give a commitment either. Women are willing to compromise just to have a dating partner. Woman must keep it casual and convey to the guy she is dating that she is getting attention from other guys too and he has to be the best for her for which he has to work harder.

6 facts in dating diary of every New York single women

6 facts in dating diary of every New York single women

Fact 2: The best place to meet guys in New York is the Central Park or places where charity events are held. A few cafés on Wall Street too is a great place to find single guys. The cosmetic departments of Bloomingdale or Barneys are a great place to find single women.

Fact 3: When you are looking for a date in NY, girls do not call the guy first. Wait for his call or message and don’t jump right into bed with him.

Fact 4: Remember women outnumber men so they are kind of ‘kings’. Don’t ask him to define the relationship as he is aware of other women being available. Don’t be surprised or disturbed if he abruptly ends the relationship and walk away.

Fact 5: Don’t show that you are so desperate that you are available anytime he calls and asks you to meet him. Convey to him that you are dating others too and may not be available at his said time.

Fact 6: Even if you as single women outnumber the men in NY, don’t follow his terms and conditions. This will lower your self esteem and make you feel terrible if he still decides to walk away.

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Things to Observe visiting boyfriend’s house for the first time

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Your boyfriend is the most charming guy you have met. You love his company and enjoy spending time with him. You start believing he is the gentleman of your dreams and you start looking forward to spending your life with him. Don’t get carried away! Pause to think when you visit his home for the first time. Observe the subtle signs to analyze if he is the same personality as you are dating. Remove the blind-fold of love from your eyes and look beyond.

How long have you known him? Did it take years for you to convince him to take you home? If yes then that is a dicey relationship. Keep your exit plan ready.

Things to Observe visiting boyfriend’s house for the first time

Things to Observe visiting boyfriend’s house for the first time

When you go to his house, if he is living with parents what is their body language when you arrive. Has he told them about you or are they just cordial and brush you off conveying that their son keeps bringing somebody to their home.

Has he made special efforts to arrange some flowers at home where you cannot miss noticing them? He has bought a bottle of the drink that you enjoy. If yes then it shows that he is interested in you as a person and not just for sex.

If he lives alone then observe how messy or unclean his home is. This will tell you a lot about his temperament no matter how well dressed and proper he is when he meets you outside.

Has he kept all gifts and stuff given by his ex-girlfriends? It means he is still not over her and simply using you as a punching bag for his emotions.

These few tell-tale signs are enough to tell you whether to continue this relationship or not. Visit his home with an open mind but keep an eye for the little signs to protect you from a heart-break and the feeling of being used.

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Must Read Dating Advice for Women

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

It is almost impossible to understand the mind of a criminal. Stray incidents of attacks do happen in the real dating world. Women are usually the target as they are looking for intimacy and do not look beyond the façade of the charming guy. Follow the dating advice for women and don’t become a victim of an assault that will shake you from the core of your very being.

Must Read Dating Advice for Women

Must Read Dating Advice for Women

Basic safety guidelines for women:

• Meet at a public place, use your own transportation

• Don’t assume the man is safe, follow your intuition and always inform your friend where and who are with

• Think beforehand and decide your limit for sexual/physical contact. Always go easy on drinks

• Don’t pour out all details. Give only your cell number and not residence number as one can easily get lots of personal information from where you are living

• Observe odd or abnormal behavior and be wary. Keep an exit plan ready to end that relationship when you feel uncomfortable

Hey women, when you are meeting new people it is important to look beyond the smaller things and think about the bigger issues like what you expect from a partner. It’s a jungle out there ladies, make your safety the top priority as only you are responsible for safety and well being.

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How to Date Multiple Boyfriends at the Same Time

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

The mind always looks out for a variety as it is in pursuit of internal satisfaction and happiness. Variety is the spice of life! This holds true in relationships as well since time is at a premium and it can come and go very fast. Indian Kings had multiple wives who lived together in complete harmony. The scenario today seems to be moving towards the polygamist trend. This definitely strains and breaks relationship.



With women becoming more informed and outgoing, it is not surprising that she needs multiple boyfriends for mental satisfaction. With so many dating sites in the world wide web, the world has shrunk to the size of the screen. Each person has multiple interests so curiosity for multiple relationships is gaining priority. Association with multiple people has become a need and a necessity.

Here are a few tips to handle multiple boyfriends at the same time-

• Pretend to be the damsel in distress and get all the sympathy from the guys you want.

• Always be polite with all these guys and be naive enough to deny any relationship you share with other guys.

• Guys have a habit of checking out the cell phone as they feel most insecure. Save names of your boyfriends by different names so he will never know who spoke or texted you.

• Don’t ever compare (even in your mind) the qualities and attitudes of the boyfriends as that will surely ruin your relationship.

• Guys find outgoing, suave girls more exciting. Flaunt all that you have and be the apple of their eyes and others to envy.

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