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Book Review Mistakes Men Make That Women Hate: 101 Style Tips for Men

Title- Mistakes Men Make That Women Hate: 101 Style Tips for Men

Author - Kenneth J. Karpinski


This short and sweet handbook or call it a pocket reference guide for all guys who want to be successful in dating. The book talks about fifteen major mistakes men make and to avoid them so they don’t face failure while dating. Avoid these and you can win the date of your choice.

Mistakes Men Make That Women Hate

Mistakes Men Make That Women Hate

Hanging around at the bar and trying to hook up with every good looking woman is not always going to work . Be ready to be rejected as you have to have that something special to hold the attention of the lady.

Be confident, well groomed, know what to talk and the stuff that needs to be done when trying to date a woman. Observe the other guys who are a hit amongst women and learn their style.

Learn to start a conversation in a topic that she will also talk rather than you just lecturing or boasting about yourself and you achievements. Concise fifteen points are given with explanation on what not to do. Every guy can benefits from this book if he keeps these points in mind and follows the suggestions.

Remember no woman is interested in your boasting and your flamboyance on the first meet up. Nor is she looking out for a guy who is insecure and cannot take charge of the conversations. She does not want a date that has a pouch so guys, please hit the gym and get into shape if you want the woman of your choice.

After reading this book there are more chances of you guys becoming a success in dating.

What We Can Learn

Learn to be confident when you speak to her and to be a winner. Do something original to catch her attention and keep your wits around for her to be interested in you. Women hate it when the same lines are repeated like most men, she will simply shut off!

Learn to be polite and how to strike a conversation. Observe the other successful men and emulate their style, posture, poise and how they carry on a conversation with a woman.

Begin talking so that it becomes a conversation between the two of you. If you interest her, she will ask questions or just politely nod and maybe excuse herself and walk away. This means she is not interested in you, otherwise she will expect to meet you again and maybe next time give you her contact number or email.

Learn to be hygienic and well groomed. Trim your hair, have a clean car and a clean, organized home to come back to. Wear clothes that suit your personality and watch the other guys at the bar who draw the attention of women. Not the baggy clothed grays but bright colored clothed guys who smile and talk but are not rough or rowdy.

Dr Dato’s Comments
Women brains are programmed differently than men and women need more excitement and hate predictable guys or tacky conversations. They have this extra sense of knowing what the guy is going to say just buy analyzing his body language.

Build up your confidence but don’t be over confident or start boasting about yourself as that is the biggest turn-off for women. With a positive body language walk up to her and start a conversation gracefully. Gauge if she is interested in you or she is just being polite. If she is not interested, movie away gracefully.

Women love to contribute to the conversations; don’t begin by praising her and throwing compliments. She is not interested as she reads it as insecurity on your part. Strike a conversation so she can be part of it as she is just not interested in listening to your boasting or achievements.

To keep her interested in you, speak to her for two, three minutes and excuse yourself. This will trigger curiosity in the women brain and she will search for you at the next party or meeting. Don’t linger on too much with her because as a rule of thumb only one percent of the women are actually interested in dating.

You as a guy you must study books on body language to know if the woman is interested in you or if interested in going on a date. There are many tell-tale signs which usually hold well but sometimes they are deceptive too. In case you find all the signs such as flicking of the hair, leaning, bust out but it may still mean she is not interested in you. Be ready for accepting the rejection and move on.

Guys must give time once they approach a woman and not simply go after her and convey that they are interested in sleeping with her as soon as possible. Women like to be challenged and teased so use your conversation skill and remember to keep good eye contact.

All women get wooed by chivalry but do not go over-board by taking permission from her even when you need to use the rest room. This just conveys your insecurity and your neediness implying you are ready to give up all control to her on the very first meeting.

Also if you are married or into a committed relationship then discussing and taking her opinion is must. This improves your bonding and ultimately your relationship.

First impression is very impressionable on a woman’s mind. Be well groomed with proper clipped nails and hair. Carry yourself with confidence and poise. Be active so you are fit and don’t have that beer-belly that can be a real turn off.


Full marks scored by this amazing guide on the dating secrets for men. Men make the same mistakes again and again and unable to identify what is going wrong. This book helps them to precisely know which mistakes they are making and what is causing them to be rejected by women. A must read for all guys who want to find success in dating women.

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5 Responses to “Book Review Mistakes Men Make That Women Hate: 101 Style Tips for Men”

  1. Johnson says:

    The entire book is like a joyful ride, just when you think you had enough another twist and mind blowing fact with real life example is presented to you.

  2. David says:

    Men and women will never truly understand each other no matter what they do.

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  1. David says:

    Someone once said that for a man to make a good impression, it is 90% the clothes and 10% attitude.

  2. David says:


    That is a good one.
    I am impressed.

  3. gerradcole says:

    yes he must have seen many things before he conclude on his opinion

  4. monty12 says:

    nice, well written and every man must follow these.

    “Don’t try to break ur partner’s faith.”

  5. Alvin says:

    wow nice one there will use it and see how it goes am also impressed

  6. Alvin says:

    wow love it read and understood thanks

  1. monty12 says:

    it’s real. womens don’t like oversmartness. show actually what u r

  2. David says:

    Did he say he was hanging around in bars? lol

  3. Enoughcries says:

    Why do men have to be perfect or put up best show before they can get a lady to love or marry..Will the show continues forever….I am a woman but i think,. No matter how worse,crazy,naughty,boring or unappealing a person appears…The inner person or what is in their heart matters most.

  1. David says:

    Understanding body language was never a strength of mine!

  2. LiveOnce says:

    Ok now, ya please be well groomed or you run your date off. Funny!!

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