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7 facts singles want to hide from their date forever

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Dating is an exciting moment in each one’s life. Each person wants to put up his or her best foot forward when on a date. Special care is taken to wear the right outfit, the hairdo, the perfume, the footwear and the accessories too. Dating marks the beginning of a relationship and gives a sense of well-being and security to the singles. No single going on a date would want to ruin that relationship. He or she would strive to build a stronger bond with the date if the chemistry works on the first meeting. Most singles will hide these facts from their date, so be wary of these:

1. Alcoholism - this is one of the biggest problems singles face if they have been alone and lonely for too long. Their dependence on alcohol may have made them alcoholics which they will never share with their date for a fear of losing him or her

7 facts singles want to hide from their date forever

7 facts singles want to hide from their date forever

2. Drug abuse- even if he or she has been rehabilitated one will never give this secret out. Hiding this fact seems proper to them as they consider this a passing phase of life

3. Relationship with ex- knowing details of relationship with the ex may drive your date away. Don’t mention former lovers to her or she may label you to be a sex maniac

4. Personal Comment- no matter how fat or ugly she looks in that dress, never tell her that unless you want to get rid of her

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5. Family secrets-are best kept secrets. Be it a broken home, your parents multiple partners or gay or lesbian streaks

6. OCD- obsessive compulsive disorder is most prevalent amongst people today. Most of them are aware of it but do not want disclose that fact

7. Medical Ailment-is best kept hidden from the date forever which maybe life threatening so one can enjoy the company

Being too honest with your date may not be the best policy and that is the reason why singles hide facts from their date. However, be aware that trust can be lost if you don’t disclose some of this information early on in the relationship.

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Food that Make You Less Anxious before Dating

Friday, February 1st, 2013

No matter how often you go on a date, one just gets anxious every time like it is the first time. That is the beauty of dating and the mind cannot comprehend nor contain the excitement of spending time with a companion.

It is always more convenient to pop a cookie or a chocolate when one is anxious. One tends to eat more when stressed or anxious. To make dating more enjoyable, it is better to unwind and de-stress with foods that help one to relax and not pile on unnecessary calories either.

Food that Make You Less Anxious before Dating

Food that Make You Less Anxious before Dating

The best drink to relax the mind is a glass of milk. Milk is known to contain Tryptophan. Ice cream is also known to have the same effect but it must be low in sugar content so as not to consume unnecessary calories.

Eggs are a great source of amino acids and tryptophan. Remember to eat it hours before you go else you will be relaxed but your date will get turned-off with the pungent odor.

Cheese is loaded with proteins and has a calming effect on the brain. Cottage cheese, cheddar, Gruyere, Swiss and Ricotta are known to contain tryptophan.

Honey in its natural form relaxes the mind and body as well. The potassium in the honey has a soothing effect on the brain and nerves which relaxes you.

Nuts and seeds are a good option to munch on before going on a date. The Vitamin B keeps you relaxed and keeps the stomach full too so it does not grumble.

Last but not the least is dark chocolate which must contain at least 70% cocoa. All these foods contain Tryptophan which induces production of serotonin (the feel good hormone) and help you relax almost instantly. The relaxing effect on the brain ultimately makes dating more exciting and fulfilling.

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