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College romance: Dating places to fall in love

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

College times are the ideal time to fall in love. You are in your late teens and full of energy and curiosity. You come across hordes of people, you interact with; get attracted to not only for their looks but for their qualities due to common interests as well. As students most of the time of the year is spent in college in labs, classrooms, gyms, cafeteria, basketball ground or the park bench. The remainder of the time is spent at parties or events. Meeting many people makes it likelier that you will develop attraction for someone.

College romance: Dating places to fall in love

College romance: Dating places to fall in love

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Cafeteria is the most likely place to fall in love when in college. The free time is spent over coffee and each person here is trying to break the rut and relax in the little free time. With an almost free mind, one becomes more observant and the probability of being attracted to somebody is the highest.

Gym or sports field is another place to fall in love. Working out not only pumps the heart but also releases the feel good hormone in the brain. Again a relaxed mind is more prone to logical thinking and being attracted to the person whose interests match yours.

Close proximity in the laboratory when working on some projects together builds a bond which turns into affection. This can be called the intellectual binding which develops into a special relationship.

‘Fall’ is a process that is uncontrollable, inevitable, risky that makes you vulnerable. It is so rightly phrased to fall in love and what can be a better place to fall in love than in college when youth and enthusiasm are at its peak?

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Why Singles Remember Their Exes on V-day

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Valentine’s Day is dedicated to romance which sets the heart aflutter. A lot of hearts choose this day to go on a trail of what happened to their ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends. What is intriguing is why this interest in exes re-surfaces on V day!

No matter how long ago you broke up with him or her but he/she still rules a major part of your mind though you try to convince yourself that there is no place in the heart for your ex. You chose your valentine because of his/her looks, attitude, intelligence, sense of humor, innocence or simply because you felt good about yourself in her/his company. The reason for breakup could be mutual, cheating or plain being dumped. No matter what the reason, each person is curious to know about their ex and some even yearn for the companionship.

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Why Singles Remember Their Exes on V-day

Why Singles Remember Their Exes on V-day

There are various reasons why one thinks of their ex especially on Valentines:

• You miss your Valentine so much that you want her to come back

• You probably believed you will spend your life with one of your exes

• You still love him/her though you tell yourself you hate here. It is impossible to disconnect when you have shared an intense love and emotions with the person

• Your exes gave you the best memories of a lifetime but put you through the worst times as well

• Your ex made you fall in love and gave up on you

• He/she meant the world to you and now you are just strangers with memories

• Your ex can be your best friend even though your love did not work out but you can love in a different way

Though most people convince themselves that they have moved on but every Valentine’s Day the exes are remembered and thought of with a whole bunch of bitter sweet memories.

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Singles eager to pair up despite marriage being a dying institution - Part 2

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

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It is possible that as a nation expands in economic power and wealth, singles are expected to produce more and their expectations are more complex than say a tribe in a remote part of Africa. Here the tribe work together to form a union between the community where work is shared and the value of each individual becomes even more apparent. In the Western nations, everyone is held accountable to society but not to the family unit around them. It almost seems that society is vying for a bigger contribution from each individual at the cost of family unity. Each of one us is busy trying to make money and fulfill the long term objectives required by the nation to continue its path towards global expansion and power. But for what? To make a few more people at the top more powerful and hungry for more. If one has sufficient money, the reverse is true. They are now in a position to spend more time with family and ponder over matters that are more in tune with the affairs of the heart.

Singles eager to pair up despite marriage being a dying institution - Part 2

Singles eager to pair up despite marriage being a dying institution - Part 2

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Are singles of today looking for a brighter future with their partner or just to make sure that both can get by in society and have the ability to maintain some kind of life? What is true is that pairing up can be economical in many ways than one. For example, singles sharing the same roof can reduce their rental outgoings as well as the money that goes towards food, gas etc. It seems that pairing up can make economical sense and the other factor of companionship may come later for some depending on your financial situation. If we are to increase the birth rate of the nation as the German ministries are eager to do, then I believe we need to tackle the bigger problem of people welfare and their standing in society. We can bring all the programs to bear for helping couples to have more children but this would be all wasted if the right environment for couples are not created within the society. This would mean having a less stressful life where the nation is not pulling at individuals from all angles and encourages family unity. It also means the spread of wealth should be divided fairly and not unbalanced such as the case of western nations of today.

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Singles eager to pair up despite marriage being a dying institution

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

There have been great heated debates on the subject of marriage especially when so marriages end up in divorce. Some are questioning the merits of marriage and wondering if new ways of legalizing couples could overcome the anguish and pain of separation. There are some who are already engaging in contractual agreements where both partners agree to a term of 3 to 5 years. After this period, they can decide whether they should continue or not.

Singles eager to pair up despite marriage being a dying institution

Singles eager to pair up despite marriage being a dying institution

An aftereffect of this marriage crisis is that many western nations such as Germany are seeing dwindling figures in the number of births. Clearly, the choices of taking up partnerships would entail off springs but the low figures suggests that there are other effects at play here. One of them of course would be the lower number of marriages that maybe taking place between couples. However, the healthy and strong traffic levels to online dating sites also suggests that singles are eager to pair up. Perhaps the shifting trends in coupling are related to the enjoyment factors of individuals such as sex, company and with the added advantage of individual freedom.

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We all know that marriages that took place over fifty or one hundred years ago most stood the test of time. You can recall many couples who have gone through 30, 40, 50 or 60 years of marriage and many are still married today. So what happened to cause such volatility of marriage figures that we are seeing today? It may be, that we have much individual freedom of expression and desires that may not sync completely with our partner. An interesting trend that comes out of the marriage figures are that western world or when a nation expands in power and wealth, the figures for marriages look extremely disappointing. US has one of the highest number of divorces than any other place on earth.

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7 facts singles want to hide from their date forever

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Dating is an exciting moment in each one’s life. Each person wants to put up his or her best foot forward when on a date. Special care is taken to wear the right outfit, the hairdo, the perfume, the footwear and the accessories too. Dating marks the beginning of a relationship and gives a sense of well-being and security to the singles. No single going on a date would want to ruin that relationship. He or she would strive to build a stronger bond with the date if the chemistry works on the first meeting. Most singles will hide these facts from their date, so be wary of these:

1. Alcoholism - this is one of the biggest problems singles face if they have been alone and lonely for too long. Their dependence on alcohol may have made them alcoholics which they will never share with their date for a fear of losing him or her

7 facts singles want to hide from their date forever

7 facts singles want to hide from their date forever

2. Drug abuse- even if he or she has been rehabilitated one will never give this secret out. Hiding this fact seems proper to them as they consider this a passing phase of life

3. Relationship with ex- knowing details of relationship with the ex may drive your date away. Don’t mention former lovers to her or she may label you to be a sex maniac

4. Personal Comment- no matter how fat or ugly she looks in that dress, never tell her that unless you want to get rid of her

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5. Family secrets-are best kept secrets. Be it a broken home, your parents multiple partners or gay or lesbian streaks

6. OCD- obsessive compulsive disorder is most prevalent amongst people today. Most of them are aware of it but do not want disclose that fact

7. Medical Ailment-is best kept hidden from the date forever which maybe life threatening so one can enjoy the company

Being too honest with your date may not be the best policy and that is the reason why singles hide facts from their date. However, be aware that trust can be lost if you don’t disclose some of this information early on in the relationship.

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