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Choose Your Footwear Wisely on Your Date Night

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Women are very choosy when it comes to buying their footwear and even more passionate about wearing them. They are looking for perfection and given the chance they don’t mind buying an exclusive pair for every single outfit that they have in their wardrobes.

Choose Your Footwear Wisely on Your Date Night

Choose Your Footwear Wisely on Your Date Night

But, believe it also, that men like female footwear as they have more styles and elegance than men’s footwear which do have enough options but they may not like the price associated with those. It has been found that women spend more time in selecting an ideal pair of shoes for themselves rather than choosing a life partner.

Women’s footwear plays an important role as they get ready for a date, adding the perfect zing to their personality. Here are the Top THREE tips for you to select the right pair of footwear for the date night.

1. If your partner is shorter than you, wearing long heel footwear will create an unwanted imbalance in your looks as the two of you will look mismatched.

2. If you are someone who always matches the color of your outfit and shoes, it is a good way to surprise your partner and connect with something you have never tried before. This can certainly be a good topic of discussion with your partner.

3. You can also wear the same pair of shoes that you bought when either of you went shopping or the same pair gifted by him. This will also make him feel good and send a positive signal.

Comment on this post and tell Jumpdates about your ideas and top reasons why you would want to impress your dating partner with nice pair of shoes.

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