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Confidence is the key when it comes to Dates And Me

Friday, July 8th, 2011

When it comes to dates and me there are a couple of mistakes I made that you should be aware of. Of course, the first mistake was to no sign up with a free dating site like jumpdates. Neither did I subscribe to the site nor even attempt to use another service to check things out. A full year of being lonely is what I bore foolishly instead of getting over the fact that Ms. Right isn’t going to come knocking at my door. The golden rule is you have to make yourself available. That’s what learned and did so that hard way. When it comes to dates and me I can confidently say that I could only make it when I made a conscious effort.
Then again, another mistake I made was to assume that any dating site would do. Before I discovered I picked the first dating service that came my way through a search engine. I signed up with it and stuck with it for three months without any signs of dates and me getting together. I was convinced there was something wrong with me and eventually had to abandon the service. The key is to find a site that suits your style. Look for the active number of members and the type of services they offer. I did end up checking out three or four sites before I was eventually lead to jumpdates where I ended up meeting my wife. For my personal situation, this is one of the best choices I made.

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A short saga of Dates And Me

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

When speaking of dates and me these few paragraphs will never ever suffice to tell my story. No, I didn’t get to date someone shaped like Tyra Banks, but I did get to find some of the nicest people on free dating sites. And, they were really among the best single women I have ever met. The best part is I got to learn so much from them. I’m not bragging about the number of ladies I got to date. That is unimportant but for statistics sake there were five. It was tough making a choice from among them. All had their intriguing ways that kept the interest alive in me. When it came to dates and me the going was really good. Luck wasn’t a major contributor to it. I did go about dating sensibly and being the gentleman I should be. Those cheesy pick up lines I learnt from college pals earlier on wouldn’t work so common sense made me stay away from those.
Of course, I did goof up where some dates and me failed to make it to the next level due to my fault. I failed to call up a lady after a date on the day and time I promised. That is what definitely put her off. I did admit my mistake but it was too late because she was a stickler for promises. There were two dates and me that actually didn’t meet up in person. We exchanged a few emails and then they decided to keep their profile on hold for whatever reasons. However, a free dating site did help me find my true love. It is a learning process guys, so learn to deal with it.

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