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Excuse me I forgot my Wallet - What NOT to do on a Date

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

We all want our date to go successfully, so here are essential tips that you must keep in mind especially when you are dating for the first time. It applies to both men and women.

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Songs & Beauty of Nature - Inner Peace & Tranquility

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

A recent KQED 9 channel aired a very moving documentary on nature and how it can speak to us. Although many of us take nature for granted we cannot explain what it is about nature that moves us and in ways unimaginable. This documentary which I encourage you to see can bring some moments of inner comfort and joy to those of us who are feeling lonely.

Earth Songs - duration 46:09 STEREO TVG - Channel KQED 9

The documentary took two years in the making. I was surprised to see some images of mountains that I have seen elsewhere before and realized that other people have the same ideas of beauty as I have. When we gaze upon a mighty mountain range, we can all associate it with the power of nature but yet we can feel a sense of belonging and peace. The mountains and surrounding waters are two entities that bring some balance and harmony in ways we struggle to understand. A famous writer once said that ‘we stand like a mountain’ and ‘flow like water’. Perhaps the enormous presence of the tall mountains and the rippling still waters are a representation of our own lives.



It is comforting to know that we are not alone and nature has a way of reminding us of the beauty that the world possesses. I go further to say that nature is all around us, the little things around us that we are sometimes oblivious to. Next time you need some lifting, look around you and you will see that the abundance of nature has its place and so do you.

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Facing the Music - Disclosing the truth to your Loved One

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Have you kept a lie from your partner or a date and you wanted it to get it off yours shoulders so much? The same situation is true with Lance Armstrong who now has to handle this truth but more importantly he needs to come to terms with himself. The problem in his case is that he led this lie over a good part of his lifetime and he may very well open up to the public and say how sorry he is. However, if he is not sincere or apologetic enough, he may be doing the same thing as before, which is putting the wool over other people’s lives. Ultimately, he will be a failure for not taking it to his heart.



Many of us can fall into this category and will be very washed up in our old ways that the ability to correct ourselves will be insurmountable. This is where we need to totally let go of the past and put all your cards on the table. Having controlled most of our lives through deceit or manipulation will make it difficult for some of us to let go so easily. It will take a brave face and a courageous human being to lay down all the cards on the table.

If you find yourself in the midst of a lie, you may want to consider just letting go and see where it will take you. Who is to know what the future holds for us, don’t assume you know the person you are dealing with. A sincere admission can be a good thing in the eyes of someone else rather than the finicky path of betrayal and trust. Sometimes the best thing to do is submit control and let it be, much like a baby who is not hesitant about crying on the mother’s bosom any time it feels like it.

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Why do Singles get married – Do you agree to this?

Monday, August 27th, 2012

It is normal for singles to meet and start liking each other, fall in love and when they find the perfect time they get married. But, have you ever gave a thought as to why they get married when they are happy with their single status and still enjoy what life has to offer.

Why do Singles get married – Do you agree to this

Why do Singles get married – Do you agree to this

The recent poll on dating and relationship advice site has a variety of flavors on this. Here are some of the interesting answers posted by singles.

1. Famous personality and Founder of Richard Jones has said that they get married because to get tax benefits.

2. There is another answer for this that says that marriages are the best way to say that you have found the perfect partner and your search has ended. However, over the years that has also got tainted because of more divorces.

3. While one answer shows the reality that people marry because of social pressures like from family and peer pressure. This happens mainly in southern Asian counties. It is also treated as a social and financial institution.

4. The one scientific answer from a biology student says that when you enter in to puberty age your physical need overrides your mind and to get easy sex people get married.

Jumpdates believes that it is a combination of many factors like love, sex, financial and emotional support that is needed in difficult and later stages of life.

Comment on this article and tell us why you think singles should get married.

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JumpDates’s Dating Blog – the Perfect Place to Learn ABCD of Online Dating

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

New comers to free dating sites are always puzzled and get lost in a sea of thousands of online dating profiles. Any one who comes to this new virtual world of dating will definitely need time to adjust. But, this can be cut short if you visit the dating blog section.

New online dating single have queries right from choosing the best online profile name that suit his/her needs and personality, how to write vivid details on your online dating profile and whom to avoid. Communication is the key when you first contact your suitable match on free dating sites.

Dr. Dato has articles on relationship issues, current dating trends and approach in online single towards dating. blog section has hundreds of reviews of paid and free dating sites around the world that help single’s to choose the best dating site personalized just for them. Online dating has become an active affair with the introduction of free mobile dating app and the dating blog of Jumpdates also has reviews of top mobile dating apps.

Online singles who are new to the world of online dating or singles simply seeking help or those looking for their perfect match can certainly join, it’s 100% free.

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