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Impromptu Fun Activities for you and your Date

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Dating should be about fun and having a good time. Of course you and your date can go for dinner together, watch movies together and visit other interesting places around town. However, at times you want to lift up your spirit and have spontaneous fun. These impromptu activities are ideal for occasions such as this. Why not try them out when the right situation arises.

Impromptu Fun Activities for you and your Date

Impromptu Fun Activities for you and your Date

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Impromptu photo session:
When you both feel in a playful mode, take out your digital camera or the camera on your cellphone and start snapping away. Ask your dating partner to make a funny face or a pose so that you can capture on your camera and then watch together. You can watch together and poke fun at each other and is sure to light up your day.

Impromptu singing:
When you are both in your car, why not put a CD or an mp3 track that you like to listen through the music player. You can start singing along to a song and encourage your dating partner to sing along too.

Impromptu jokes:
We all know that a good sense of humor is key to a good relationship. When the air gets a bit serious between the two of you, why not tell a joke. You don’t have to remember all the jokes, but just do a quick google research and find a few that you like. The best way to remember them is to say the jokes to your friends, then you you will be able to remember it when you dish it out to your dating partner.

Impromptu charades:
This is a great fun game that you and your partner can enjoy. Stick to a few topics like TV shows or movies and try it out on your partner and have fun in the process. For more ideas on charades just go to the web and look up Charades game.

Whenever you are together and want to lighten up the spirit between you and your dating partner, these ideas for impromptu activities can save the day.

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How to Make Dating More Exciting

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Are you getting tired of a dinner and a movie routine when dating? Get creative with exciting dating ideas and make it more exciting if he/she is your prospective partner. Try these few tricks to make dating more exciting.

Make Dating More Exciting

Make Dating More Exciting

• Exercising releases the feel-good-factor hormones. Workout together to enjoy each other’s company and feel refreshed. Get Moving!

• No matter what your age, each person loves surprises. Create magical dating moments when you take her to a beautiful location impromptu. Surprise!!!

• Gifting flowers is the norm. Be attentive to know what she is passionate about and present that item to show her how much you care

• Try new food or go to concerts you have never attended together for a different kind of experience

• Learn new skills or hobbies to spend more time and make it more fun being together. This could be ice-skating or salsa or take a cookery/bakery lesson. Remember it takes two to tango

Creativity in dating changes relationships for the better. The human brain needs stimulation so spark your creativity to add more spice to life. Be creative to make the date special every time. Don’t let dating become a chore. Think out of the box and make dating more enjoyable and fulfilling.


7 Hidden Dates for Valentine’s Day

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Most of the times we are surrounded by singles whether we are at work or school or just hanging around at the mall. If you wear a smile it is very easy to make friends. In spite of so many single friends, most of the people are unable to recognize the special one to spend Valentines with.

7 Hidden Dates for Valentines Day

7 Hidden Dates for Valentines Day

Recognize the 7 hidden secrets to find a potential date who is interested in you:

1. He is distant, strange and never says anything about himself and is indifferent to your presence

2. She takes extra care in dressing up when meeting up with you

3. She changes her Chat status frequently so that she wants him to know

4. He goes out of his way to walk alongside her

5. She laughs very hard so you can hear and think how engaged she is talking to that other person

6. If he fixes your hair, it’s a hint that he wants more than just sex

7. The wider the gestures with his hands when he talks shows he is interested in you

You already enjoy each others company, decipher these few hidden secrets and find your date this Valentine’s day.


Getting the Dates You Want - part 2

Friday, January 25th, 2013

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Although God has given us the capacity to dream, he has also provided us with able bodies and mind to take action. You will need to separate fact from fiction, in other words you can dream as long as you want of the ‘night in shining armour’, or that beautiful girl walking up to you and seducing way. You can’t dismiss the possibility that this could happen but don’t depend on it too much and for too long.

Getting the Dates You Want - part 2

Getting the Dates You Want - part 2

Take a good look at yourself and ask yourself if other people apart from your close friends and families will have any idea what you are like under that facade of yours. Don’t expect others to adore you or expect you to be so and so just because you feel they must. You need to demonstrate your worthiness to other people, in the same way that you need to prove your worth to your boss at work. We have discussed many topics on the subject of breaking the ice and when you do break the ice, you need to swiftly prove that you are a decent person that anyone can date and feel comfortable. This immediately implies that you need to be considerate and accepting of the other person you are talking to.

There are many books that talk about how to break the ice and what follows, but the best advice is just be yourself and let the conversation take its natural path. We will be introducing more articles on these subjects to arm all those singles out there and make sure they build enough confidence and courage to get the dates they want and the lives they want. In the meantime, please go ahead and do some searches in our search box on the right and look up hundreds of articles already posted here on these topics.


Stuck at Heathrow Airport - Turn it into a Casual Date

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

A yellow weather warning has been issued by the Met department for Southern England. A yellow warning means be cautious and be prepared. Low visibility with possibility of snow flurries force most flights to be cancelled at one of the busiest airports in the world, Heathrow Airport.

Cancellation of several flights leads to hundreds of passengers being stranded and stuck at Heathrow Airport. Why complain and grumble about something that is beyond the control of the Airport Authorities? With so many people stuck at the airport, why not find partner for a casual date and become a happy stranded passenger?

Stuck at Heathrow Airport - Turn it into a Casual Date

Stuck at Heathrow Airport - Turn it into a Casual Date

All are bored, tired and exhausted simply by the thought that flights are indefinitely delayed or cancelled. Rather than grumbling and coaxing on your luck or abusing the authorities, look around for a person to spend time with. Of course, in such a situation the physical attraction will be the deciding factor to approach your date.

How To Make The Most When Stuck At Heathrow Airport:

• No matter at which terminal you are stranded, make eye contact with the person who catches your eye

• Approach him or her and ask if interested in a coffee/drink or muffin at the restaurant. Most will accept this offer as being in company is more enjoyable rather than finding ways to kill time

• Chit chat keeping the conversation most general. Do not grumble about the flight cancellation and the trouble it is causing the passengers

• Loiter around the terminal, checking out the shops as it is just not possible to do that when you actually have to rush to catch your connecting flight at Heathrow

Enjoy the time spent together exploring Heathrow airport. You never know this airport’s casual date maybe the destination of your love life!

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