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Top 6 Bio Green Fun Dating Ideas

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Going on a romantic candle lit dinner, watching a romantic movie on the couch or doing a social activity is an aging sign of your creativity and gets boring if you keep doing it every now and then.

Here are top 6 bio-green dating ideas that should excite you

1. A romantic walk – Often couples talk about a long drive in the full moon night and find it romantic but how about a greener option, to have a walk with no mechanical engine emitting carbon dioxide spoiling the environments. Watching twinkling stars and sharing those romantic moments, you probably won’t get that in urban life.

Top 6 Bio Green Fun Dating Ideas

Top 6 Bio Green Fun Dating Ideas

2. Planting a Tree – This is cool bio green date idea if you are a nature lover. Plant a tree and see this growing like the love, trust and faith in your relationship. You can also compare this with watching your kids grow up.

3. Community Service – Caring about nature for only one day is not going to help you a great deal. Get active in community services with your love and take part in the National Civic Education Program and get active with students and teachers.

4. Live Rural life – Life is too busy in the cities and even if you have all the facilities to make your life easier, it could be making it too complex and dependent. Plan a day in county in lush green meadow and clean air. Don’t forget the wine testing if you have that near your vicinity.

More SEXY but, Green Dating Ideas

5. Take a bath Together – Save water to save earth, bath together to save water. There are couples who don’t like this but; it can be fun when you think of this as a cause of saving water. There are many slippery moments you need to watch out for same and eco-friendly bath. If your bathtub is as big as this, taking a bubble bath is fun.

6. Turn off the lights - Turn off the lights and celebrate your earth hour even on the odd day. However, don’t forget to buy eco-friendly sex toys and lubricants from this website. Check out a few more tips on how to get green in bed.

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Impromptu Fun Activities for you and your Date

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Dating should be about fun and having a good time. Of course you and your date can go for dinner together, watch movies together and visit other interesting places around town. However, at times you want to lift up your spirit and have spontaneous fun. These impromptu activities are ideal for occasions such as this. Why not try them out when the right situation arises.

Impromptu Fun Activities for you and your Date

Impromptu Fun Activities for you and your Date

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Impromptu photo session:
When you both feel in a playful mode, take out your digital camera or the camera on your cellphone and start snapping away. Ask your dating partner to make a funny face or a pose so that you can capture on your camera and then watch together. You can watch together and poke fun at each other and is sure to light up your day.

Impromptu singing:
When you are both in your car, why not put a CD or an mp3 track that you like to listen through the music player. You can start singing along to a song and encourage your dating partner to sing along too.

Impromptu jokes:
We all know that a good sense of humor is key to a good relationship. When the air gets a bit serious between the two of you, why not tell a joke. You don’t have to remember all the jokes, but just do a quick google research and find a few that you like. The best way to remember them is to say the jokes to your friends, then you you will be able to remember it when you dish it out to your dating partner.

Impromptu charades:
This is a great fun game that you and your partner can enjoy. Stick to a few topics like TV shows or movies and try it out on your partner and have fun in the process. For more ideas on charades just go to the web and look up Charades game.

Whenever you are together and want to lighten up the spirit between you and your dating partner, these ideas for impromptu activities can save the day.

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Mars and Venus on a Date - Dating Do’s and Don’ts for Ladies

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

Title – Mars and Venus on a Date

Author – John Gray, Ph.D


To find true and lasting love the author has effectively formulated a theme with Mars and Venus on a Date. For single men and women, the five stages of dating are attraction, uncertainty, commitment, intimacy and engagement. With a deeper understanding of each others behavior it is easy to interpret and act accordingly.

Mars and Venus on a Date - Dating Do's and Don'ts for Ladies

Mars and Venus on a Date - Dating Do's and Don'ts for Ladies

When one is not able to identify that the person is not right for them, both partners force themselves to alter situations and try to change the partner or themselves. This leads to frustration and negative feeling as no matter what you do the relationship simply falls apart. It is just not possible to fit a square peg in a round hole. Once you understand this, take the right steps and break the relationship on a note without regrets and resentment so you can look for the right person with an open heart.

When you are with the right person, you just know it. Forcing yourself to change for the sake of the relationship is the biggest mistake one can make. This simply lengthens the pain in a relationship which is ultimately going to end on a bitter note.

It is not at all necessary that you love someone for you to be in a relationship with that person. The more you get to know the person the more you realize that the person is worthy of your love and affection but might still not be the right person to share your life with.

Besides communication, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual chemistry have to match for a successful and fulfilling relationship which is elaborately explained here.

This book greatly assists the readers in identifying the right person who could be the soul mate for you. Going diligently thorough the five stages will help you be prepared and if required to end the relationship on a pleasant note. What We Can Learn, Every man and woman in a relationship wants a loving and fulfilling relationship. Once we understand how each one thinks and analyzes statements and situations, it becomes easy to comprehend and improve the relationship. Communication is the key to a successful relationship.

During the various stages of dating, continue to do the little things to make your partner feel special and experience the best in both. Make your dating experience positive and it becomes easier to find the special one.It is not at all necessary that when you love someone you must share your life with that person. You may love one but that person may still not be the right person for you. Confused people in love do not understand this and may become critical of a relationship.

If you don’t find the person to be right for you, do not end that relationship on a bitter note. Feeling resentful or guilty when you end a relationship makes it much tougher to move forward and find the right person who maybe just around the corner.

Trust your partner. When you try to make your relationship work the first rule to follow is to stop doubting and questioning your partner. This leads to a greater misunderstanding, irritability and sows the seeds of hatred. Communication, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual tuning are a must for a successful relationship. Physical attraction is short lived which can be sustained only when chemistry of the mind, heart and soul match with the partner. Know and understand your partner for a long term, successful and understanding relationship.

Remember loving someone does not mean marrying that person. Have a fulfilling relationship and make life simpler by understanding and identifying the subtle differences to make life happy and complete.

Dr Dato’s Comments

Men and women are a mystery to each other simply because the brains are programmed to think differently. On reading this book and trying to understand your partner, each one can analyze the situation and simplify the response rather than over-reacting and denting the relationship.

Understand the five stages of dating and you are sure to find your soul mate. After reading this book, it is easier for men and women to understand that if the person is not right for them then it is time to move on rather than having regret or to be hurt and upset. A beautiful secret has been revealed in this book that tells the readers: “good endings make good beginnings”. When a relationship ends either partner may have a feeling of regret or being used or feel angry as expectations were not met. The human nature forces us to close the heart and the mind is not ready to think freely due to the fear of being hurt again. End the relationship without resentment and move forward to find your true soul mate.

The techniques described here help the readers to realize and recognize if they are forcing themselves with the wrong person. Both try to change each other or self and end up being frustrated and going nowhere. This gives rise to negative feelings and makes the relationship worst. Following the identification tips can greatly help people who are entering into a relationship or are already in one and can see it go sour have the options of doing something about it.

Learn to identify and find your soul mate that may not be perfect but is perfect to bring out the best out of you. Follow the tips and find that the right person to make life loaded with happiness and worth living. Matching the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical desires leads to a happy and contented relationship. Don’t rush into a relationship no matter what your age. Open your heart, understand and then take the next step rather than a blind plunge.


3 out of 5 is the rating I give to this book. It generalizes the temperaments of people which really cannot be stereo-typed. Some different cases could have been given as examples with the psychological analysis. Although, what has been written deserves full marks for the majority of the readers to understand and implement into their own lives.

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Garage Sale for Kids (Creative Date Idea) - Online Dating Briefs by Dr. Dato

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Article Subject: Garage Sale for Kids (Creative Date Idea) - Online Dating Briefs by Dr. Dato

Article Link:

Article Rating: 3.0 (out of 5)

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Dr. Dato’s Brief:

Here is an interesting idea for a date.

The post suggests that you take your date to a garage sale with the sole purpose of buying inexpensive toys that you can donate to the local kids charity like “Toys for Tots”. The idea of the date is to create a “feel good’ mood.

My thoughts, although these kind of dates sounds like fun it can backfire, particularly if this is your first or second date and depends who would be driving this ie. the woman or the man. I can see some alarm bells going off in a man’s head as to suggest that a woman should take such a bold a step as making this kind of recommendation.

Any creative date of this nature will need to be thought of before hand and discussed with the each other to gauge the comfort level or discomfort level of doing any kind of activity. I am pretty sure that even when during the first date, there is almost always a debate and discussion of where to go on the first date even if its something like the movie, coffee, dinner etc.

I would get to know the person in advance before being creative in the dating activity and also recommend that women wait for the men to come up with the dates without sounding too sexist.

creative dating ideas need to be planned ahead to avoid embarrassment

creative dating ideas need to be planned ahead to avoid embarrassment

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