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Does the acquisition of money empower you to love more? - Part 2

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Does the acquisition of money empower you to love more? - Part 1

This brings the question that many people’s happiness or content factor are largely determined by material wealth or the acquisition of money. For many men, it implies the dream car, or house and most of all the power to attract many women and be the envy of others. To some it separates the men from the boys. Could it be that our exemplary feeling of love and infatuation increases with the amount of money that we earn? Why do men go to such lengths to try and make so much money?

In previous historical times power essentially came from the conquests of vast lands or control of an entire nation or many people. Today, this power is directly attributable to the earning power of the individual which is why so many things are labelled with a figure of money. Our world has been fashioned with so many desirable that it is beyond the temptation of many not to fall for money. Our own dreams and hopes as a family or couple are centered on so much of the materialistic world that we can ultimately find ourselves that money is the avenue towards love.

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