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Science of Contacting Online Date - For Men

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

It’s no hidden secret that both men and women have different psychology, they think differently in a given scenario and have very different ways to handle similar situations.

Science of Contacting Online Date - For Men

Science of Contacting Online Date - For Men

Men have a more practical approach towards relationships and females have an emotional way to handle their relationship. There is nothing wrong in both approaches but, there are different situations where each can be applied.

Most men make mistakes while contacting women for the first time. Free dating sites have become the most happening place to find dates for online singles. But like in real life men make mistakes online as they first approach a women.

Here are Top FOUR thing men should avoid online when contacting women –

1. Find Similar Traits – Don’t create a template to send messages to your latest find on free dating sites. Read the entire profile of your match and try to find what’s common in both of you have then contact her with those points in your message.

2. Don’t write an essay – It’s good to write something about you but, writing an essay is a big no. Don’t sound like you are making a sales pitch with your entire bio that talk about how good you are. Write 2 or 3 lines highlighting something unique about yourself and of course anything that caught your eye about the other persons profile.

3. Avoid arrogance – it’s good to have self confidence but over confidence is bad. There is a fine line between confidence and over confidence. Never try to oversell yourself, honesty is the basis of any friendship and there will be plenty of other ways to catch your princess.

4. Come out of cyber world – You guys have been exchanging messages on free dating sites for one week now and feel that both of you make a good pair. Most singles make mistakes in expressing it and just could not move ahead from being just a pen pal. Get out of the cyber-world of dating and take your date to the next level by meeting offline.

Following these steps there would be gradual improvements in your online dating experience. Comment on this article and tell us what are your suggestions to have an eventful online dating experience.

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