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Improve your dating life socialize on free dating and networking sites - Part 2

Monday, October 1st, 2012

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In the above table that you have created add headers in one column ‘Dating & Social Sites’, ‘Frequency of Use’ and ‘My Personal Notes’. Continue to list all the sites you have listed at the beginning under the first column and in the second column, jot down how often you visit these sites on a weekly basis. You may also be comfortable to work with a daily or monthly basis, it is entirely up to you. In the third column, you are going to add YOUR personal notes of what you think is good and bad about this site relative to WHAT YOU want to achieve. Make as many notes as you can on the third column for THAT specific site and continue to do this with the rest of the sites.

Below the table we are going to add a new header called ‘My Current Dating Strategy’ and write a sentence or two of how well your current strategy is working for you and rate it good, bad or wonderful. Create another header called ‘My Winning Dating Strategy’ and jot down very few sentences of what changes you are likely to make. Now copy the original table and place it below this section. Empty the contents under ‘Frequency of Use’ and ‘My Personal Notes’ in this new table keeping only the list of dating and social sites in the first column. Also on this table, I want you to add a few empty rows below to ADD any new dating and social sites that you may come across when you are browsing or chatting to friends. Carefully go through this table and add truthfully and honestly the information under the other two columns. It is very important that you are realistic about this and will almost determine your winning strategy for dating. Don’t get ahead of yourself and revisit this document in a month and repeat the process by identifying how your previous strategy fared and the new winning strategy that you need to keep on track.

The above method will be a self-correcting process to get you on the right track and allow you to assess yourself at a personal level to make a highly winning strategy designed JUST FOR YOU. You probably heard the very common saying ‘You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink’. This is very true of human beings where all the advice in the world can be hurled at you but you don’t necessarily follow it and in some cases you don’t even realize that you are not following it. This short exercise here has been designed to find YOUR own true potential and to use your wits and mind around you to get the best out of the dating world. It is very possible that you will find that even though you are doing all these activities your heart is not in it for one reason or another. You may also find that you are overdoing it and you need to slow down and this may reflect on the people you are dating.

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Science of Contacting Online Date - For Men

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

It’s no hidden secret that both men and women have different psychology, they think differently in a given scenario and have very different ways to handle similar situations.

Science of Contacting Online Date - For Men

Science of Contacting Online Date - For Men

Men have a more practical approach towards relationships and females have an emotional way to handle their relationship. There is nothing wrong in both approaches but, there are different situations where each can be applied.

Most men make mistakes while contacting women for the first time. Free dating sites have become the most happening place to find dates for online singles. But like in real life men make mistakes online as they first approach a women.

Here are Top FOUR thing men should avoid online when contacting women –

1. Find Similar Traits – Don’t create a template to send messages to your latest find on free dating sites. Read the entire profile of your match and try to find what’s common in both of you have then contact her with those points in your message.

2. Don’t write an essay – It’s good to write something about you but, writing an essay is a big no. Don’t sound like you are making a sales pitch with your entire bio that talk about how good you are. Write 2 or 3 lines highlighting something unique about yourself and of course anything that caught your eye about the other persons profile.

3. Avoid arrogance – it’s good to have self confidence but over confidence is bad. There is a fine line between confidence and over confidence. Never try to oversell yourself, honesty is the basis of any friendship and there will be plenty of other ways to catch your princess.

4. Come out of cyber world – You guys have been exchanging messages on free dating sites for one week now and feel that both of you make a good pair. Most singles make mistakes in expressing it and just could not move ahead from being just a pen pal. Get out of the cyber-world of dating and take your date to the next level by meeting offline.

Following these steps there would be gradual improvements in your online dating experience. Comment on this article and tell us what are your suggestions to have an eventful online dating experience.

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New Jumpdates reward - Unique points system in the Online Dating Market

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

If you become stagnant you will not reach the destination in your life. The innovative mantra applies to every corner of you life even to your dating life. Visit the wonderfully written article about how dating sites have been innovating over the years to create more and more dates and ultimately creating successful long term relationships.

New Jumpdates reward - Unique points system in the Online Dating Market

New Jumpdates reward - Unique points system in the Online Dating Market

Jumpdates – 100% free dating site has always been in the fore front when is comes to creating and implementing easy to use, user-friendly features to make it exceptionally easy for online singles to find date ready online singles with ease.

Keeping this tradition going Jumpdates has launched a new first of its kind JD reward points system on June 1st, 2012 to make online dating more competitive and yet rewarding to active users of Jumpdates. The new JD reward system is so exiting and useful for singles that completely fulfill members profile and get active on Jumpdates like sending and reading messages, commenting on Jumpdates dating articles, joining the hot discussion topics on Jumpdates dating forum and sharing profiles on social networking platforms to name just a few.

There are plenty of other areas where you can earn JD rewards but, for that you need to be active on different areas of Jumpdates. Active members will automatically get more rewards in terms of better visibility and a greater number of responses. Comment on this article and tell us what you think of our new JD reward system.

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How Scammer Set the Trap on Free Dating site

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Internet scamming is on the rise ever since the number of internet users have increased. This unethical practice has been noticed coming mainly from the eastern part of the African continent with such countries like Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal to name a few. The kind of scamming incident happens mainly on free dating sites as they find online singles as potential targets for extracting money.



But the real problem is that online singles are not usually aware of these kind of traps and this is why they often fall pray to them.

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Here are Top FIVE online scamming traps that scammers set for online singles –

1. They ask money from you saying they want to give you their entire property or wealth but, for that you need to send a processing fee.

2. They want to come to your country to meet you but, for that they do not have the money. They ask you to deposit money into their account or send them the airline tickets.

3. They will tell you their sad and the most bizarre life story to gain your sympathy and then ask you for money.

4. New techniques that have come to light is to send fake pictures and impress online singles and to convince them to marry and before that asking for money.

5. Some scammers are very intelligent and they do not ask you on any of these things early in the conversation but, they want your personal phone number and email. They win your trust and when they feel that you your are now completely in to him/her than they reveal their true intentions. This can be common for local scammers where some have been duped of money in this way.

However the online dating industry is not rife with scammers which is a misconception that online singles have. The truth is now more and more singles are logging on to free dating sites because of the vast number of genuine singles they meet and this is going growing with time.

Comment on this article and tell us if you or someone you know that has fallen for this kind of traps and what your opinions are of online scamming.

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