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Love, Romance, Protest on Valentine’s Day…A Billion Dollar Business

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Google is bombarded with search queries like “best Valentine day gift”, “best Valentine day gift for her”, “best Valentine day gift for him” and “best Valentine day gift for the husband” it is visible as Google intelligence shows these options as you type “best Valentine”. This clearly indicates how often user relies on Google’s help to decide their own gifts and there is absolutely nothing wrong in doing that. However, you are relying on Google to a certain extent to deliver the best possible results for your search for Valentine. This is the very much an official day when you express your love and care to your sweetheart. Valentine is one of the biggest holidays after Christmas in the U.S.
Love, Romance, Protest on Valentine’s Day…A Billion Dollar Business
Valentine’s Day is also the best time for business as almost 50% of the U.S. citizens celebrate this day. Red, the color of passion as your heart gets pumped with the thought of love and romance in the air. On Valentine’s Day the demand for red roses shoots up sky high and according to the almost 189 million rose stems were sold on this day. Drilling down to the gender differences, 73 percent males buy flowers and 27 percent females buy flowers for their Valentine. This is the second best time in the year after Christmas when people share cards with as many as 150 million cards exchanged on this day according to 2011 stats. Almost $1 billion of chocolates were bought as gifts last year. Condom sale also saw a rise of 20% -30% high during this day as confirmed by Durex Condoms. The stats show that the average single spends approximately $116 on the lower side and 277% on the higher side on Valentines Day. Stats also reveal that men spend double the amount as women with the females spending an average of $75 compared to women with $155.

Valentine day has different image across some parts of the world as small groups from India, Pakistan and the Middle East countries claiming it is part of the Westerns culture and a distortion of human reality, but with the more and more and the ongoing effect of globalization with people migrating to different parts of the world this is changing. One can witness the classic example in the streets shops of Bagdad where the very heart of Iraq welcoming this most romantic day of the year. Red fur of teddy, lingerie and lip shaped satin pillows saying is very common as the V-Day approaches, however conservative countries like Iran banned cards and gifts last year. Iraq is embracing the new tradition for this auspicious day and you could say following in the footsteps of Dubai and Beirut. From thousands of years ago, if you take the example of Romeo and Juliet, Heer-Ranjha, Soni-Mahiwal and even Radha and Lord Krishan where they all fell in love and true to those beliefs even the conservative countries are joining in the festivities and celebrating ‘Valentine’s Day”.

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