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Valentine Gift for His and Hers

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

We often splurge out expensive gifts during the holiday seasons such as Thanksgiving as well as Christmas but Valentine’s Day can be different. Usually Valentine Day conjures up images of more ‘affectionate’ gifts rather than gifts that we usually hand out during the past holiday season. These gifts comprise of flowers, cards and chocolate boxes but not the gifts that we usually associate with Christmas. It doesn’t have to be this way…

Gift ideas for Valentine day

Gift ideas for Valentine day

When you are thinking of a gift for your loved one, follow your heart, be different, and don’t be taken back by what everyone else is doing and what the shops are offering. This can spark a new lease of romance and affection in your partner because you are being different. The gift although associated with romance can be anything that your partner has desired for sometimes and because you took the time to fulfill that need, it’s actually a very loving quality.

In the case of men who are often not too hard to please will favor presents of the material kind. With so many enthusiasts gadgets around it is not too difficult to pick out something your partner would revel in. However, be very careful here, do not simply go out and buy the first thing that you find just because your partner likes MP3 Player. First, find out what he uses and decide if you can buy him something of the same but better. For example he may have a 2GB mp3 player and a more desirable one would be an 8GB mp3 player that can store more music than his current player. He may have a compact camera and you may decide to purchase a bridge camera, one that looks like a DSLR but cheaper but will be more versatile than the compact digital he already has. There are many examples of this, but the important thing to remember is to do your homework properly and if you are not sure, you can always try ‘Tell me more about the mp3 player you are using, I want to understand a bit of the technology’. This is an open-ended question where he can not only tell you much about the mp3 player he is using but also the ones he desires.

For a women’s gift, men can have a challenge on their hands. Understand that women are more ‘cerebral’ then men and what may work for men may not work with women. You may already know what your woman likes but that is not to say that you can’t be creative and do something different that would surely surprise her. You may decide to take her out to dinner, instead of the same restaurant, which is something both of you look forward to on Valentines day, you take her to a similar restaurant. Although be prepared for an earful if the other restaurant is of lower expectations than your usual restaurant. If you have an understanding woman, she knows that you tried to make an effort by being different and will be thankful irrespective of the outcome. In terms of material gifts, perfumes and jewelry often find appeal in woman. So next time you go out on your date, be sure to always ask your women what she likes in those materialistic areas. Remember, her interests in those areas can change over time because she has seen a new range of jewelry from a magazine or tv just like you would not be interested in an mp3 player that was made a few years back.
Valentine is a day of fun, excitement and romance but don’t leave the material gifts to the holiday season, go and splurge out on your loved one and it will surely a new spark romance in the relationship!

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Connection between Smartphone, Dating and First Sex Encounter

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Source - Venture Beat , and PC Mag

Valentines Day is just around the corner, singles are looking for matches and couples are planning to celebrate this auspicious day of love in the most romantic way possible. There are few who do not want to get into relationships but looking for date and sex encounter on the V Day, however there is good news for them. has recently conducted a survey showing that smartphone users especially Android users are more likely to get down after their first date. Canadian singles has reveled that their dating life got a boost from more and more uses of their smarphones as it helps them with SMS flirt or quick email communication.

Single dating and sex

Single dating and sex

The stats reveled by Match are very much an eye opener for all the players in the dating industry as 62 percent would go for sex after their first dating encounter with Android users in comparison to iPhone users where 57 percent of users would get busy after their first date and this figure goes down to 55 percent when we talk about Blackberry users.

This is going to be the topic of research for all relationship experts, dating coaches and technology pundits. Dating sites expert at, Mayur Vyas strongly believes that this is related to more and more social and mobile dating apps for Android and iPhone that gives singles a wider opportunity to chat with other singles very readily. They can pace their dating life the way the want to and cash in on the smallest of dating opportunities, which was not the case in the past.

At Jumpdates we tried to be some collective research of the visitors information to know what they think about this trend. Lisha, a member of Jumpdates from a long time said that Android users score more because you get Android shipped with many more devices and available at an affordable price all across the globe.

At Jumpdates we believe that sex encounter after first date is not new and it has been happening for a long time, but there is no doubt that this has seen an upward movement with more and more use of smartphones. Jumpdates feel that this time it has seen a rise in this trend which goes back to the time of the SMS flirt as it was time when SMS flirt was just got started.

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Essential Valentines Day reading with your horoscope expert Yvonne Yang (YY)

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Romance is in the air….yes it’s Valentine’s Day! If you are invoking the powers of Cupid, trying to clinch that relationship, hoping for a successful outcome, I wish you all the very, very best and may your dreams come true!

Alas, Chinese Valentine’s Day is not till August (last year it was 16thAugust) so I have nothing to write on that front, however, the stars for next week augurs well for everyone.

A quick scan of the week ahead if you are celebrating Valentine’s Day:

don’t assume outcomes, talk to loved ones to be sure.

Don’t be too compliant or you may sacrifice too much and be dissatisfied.

You may lose support of those around you if you are inflexible. Get them to help.

You may need to adapt to changes where a relationship is making you insecure. Gemini: Keep an open mind if you are searching for answers to big questions.

There are ripples on emotional issues this week, keep talking on a 1-2-1 to those concerned.

Some uncertainty but be patient, issues may clear up by the end of the week.

Be careful not to be indiscreet even if you are bored. Gossip could result in bad outcomes.

Get help if you need skills that you don’t have. You could develop those practical skills you need but ‘shout’ if you need help.

Nobody likes to do more than their fair share of household chores so set up a rota. Don’t get grumpy!

You will be tempted to take risks. Don’t.

Be practical. If you have helped by doing more than you should have, think again!

That is the Zodiac for the week ahead, hope you enjoy!

I recently came across a survey that was carried out on the public to find out what their idea of the ‘10 Commandments’(as in the Bible) were for this century.
Apparently the 1st commandment is ‘To treat others as you would have them treat you.’

2nd commandments have not changed which are: Thou shall not steal, Thou shall not kill.

There is another one that tells you ‘to look after those who are less fortunate than you’ but the most surprising of all was the one that tells you ‘to look after the environment!’ That is a great one! I really like that!!

The last one was to decree that ‘everyone should look after their family, their children, their extended family and themselves.’

So if you are intending to tie the knot or are starting a family or looking for a soul mate, I hope what I have shared with you will become useful.

Well that’s all folks, until next time.

May all your Valentine wishes come true!

Yvonne Yang - Jumpdates Horoscope Expert

Yvonne Yang

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Online Dating Briefs by Dr. Dato - Dating Expert Helps Singles Find a Date Online by Valentine’s Day

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Article Subject: Dating Expert Helps Singles Find a Date Online by Valentine’s Day

Article Link:,201135147.aspx

Article Rating: 3.0 (out of 5)


Dr. Dato’s Brief:

The content of this post is not that newsworthy but the description of the expert can be somewhat useful to some of our users.

Basically Julie Spira has been in the online dating industry since 1994 when she first put up her dating profile. I would be curious to find out which dating site (if any) she had her dating profile. It’s possible it may have been posted in USENET, which is long before the Blogosphere came into existence and the concept of online dating was just an afterthought.

The primary aim of the post is to promote her upcoming show “Ask the Cyber-Dating Expert Show” which will air live at 2pm/EST on Feb. 12th, 2011 and can be heard at

In addition to appearing in many TV shows, Julie Spira has also written various books on Cyber Dating.

Julie Spira - Online dating consultant & expert

Julie Spira - Online dating consultant & expert

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