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Who’s Wining the Mobile Race on Free Dateing Sites – Demographics on Jumpdates

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

In out last JumpTrends demographics we showed how the mobile wave is taking on the conventional web when it comes to free dateing site in “Online Singles Goes the Mobile Way on Free Online Dating Websites”. However, the real competition is amongst the makers of smartphones as everyone is looking to outperform each other.

Who’s Wining the Mobile Race on Free Dateing Sites – Demographics on Jumpdates

Who’s Wining the Mobile Race on Free Dateing Sites – Demographics on Jumpdates

Consumer electronic players like Apple, Samsung, RIM (BlackBerry), HTC, LG, Nokia and many others want to have an upper hand. In our latest latest JumpTrend – demographics show a completely different picture. It is Google’s Android which gets shipped with the biggest numbers that is stealing the show.

We analyzed last one year’s data from April 2011 to March 2012 and found that 61% of online singles use Android devices to search for their potential partner on free dateing sites whereas technology giant Apple is in the 2nd spot with 26% of the traffic share. Smartphones designed by RIM has 8% of the overall online singles who visit free dateing sites. These three share 95% of the overall mobile traffic leaving very little for others.

Rest of the mobile traffic is shared by Windows, Symbian and other devices. This is also the reason that all major free dateing sites have their free mobile dating app for both Android and Apple devices.

This demographics show how dominant and popular in the world of online dating and amongst online single and the competition is expected to heat up…

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Connection between Smartphone, Dating and First Sex Encounter

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Source - Venture Beat , and PC Mag

Valentines Day is just around the corner, singles are looking for matches and couples are planning to celebrate this auspicious day of love in the most romantic way possible. There are few who do not want to get into relationships but looking for date and sex encounter on the V Day, however there is good news for them. has recently conducted a survey showing that smartphone users especially Android users are more likely to get down after their first date. Canadian singles has reveled that their dating life got a boost from more and more uses of their smarphones as it helps them with SMS flirt or quick email communication.

Single dating and sex

Single dating and sex

The stats reveled by Match are very much an eye opener for all the players in the dating industry as 62 percent would go for sex after their first dating encounter with Android users in comparison to iPhone users where 57 percent of users would get busy after their first date and this figure goes down to 55 percent when we talk about Blackberry users.

This is going to be the topic of research for all relationship experts, dating coaches and technology pundits. Dating sites expert at, Mayur Vyas strongly believes that this is related to more and more social and mobile dating apps for Android and iPhone that gives singles a wider opportunity to chat with other singles very readily. They can pace their dating life the way the want to and cash in on the smallest of dating opportunities, which was not the case in the past.

At Jumpdates we tried to be some collective research of the visitors information to know what they think about this trend. Lisha, a member of Jumpdates from a long time said that Android users score more because you get Android shipped with many more devices and available at an affordable price all across the globe.

At Jumpdates we believe that sex encounter after first date is not new and it has been happening for a long time, but there is no doubt that this has seen an upward movement with more and more use of smartphones. Jumpdates feel that this time it has seen a rise in this trend which goes back to the time of the SMS flirt as it was time when SMS flirt was just got started.

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