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Perfumes for first date

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Smell and emotional connection is not poetic or the perfume manufacturer theory but it is related to the limbic system or the emotional brain which triggers deep-seated emotional responses. Wearing the right perfume on the first date can etch your memory into the brain via the olfactory receptors.

The first date is very special. Influence the mood; make your dating romantic by wearing these top aromatic perfumes on your first date.

• The romantic fragrance of Euphoria (for men and women) will leave a lasting impression on your date

Adidas creates sensuous fragrance that alters the mood to cool and happy

Perfumes for first date

Perfumes for first date

Emanuel Ungaro produces perfumes especially for the first date

Ebba is a brand bought out by Los Angeles Boutique which have a ‘Miss collection’

• Avon has a variety of scents to create magic for the first date

• Cacharel is a part of L’Oreal. Choose from Nao Fleur or Amor Pour Homme

• Christine Celle introduced Calypso which has perfumes and eau de toilette for your first date

• YSL Paris has the most enticing fragrance which is sure to drive your date crazy unless he is asthmatic

• Christion Dior offers perfumes for both men and women and is the biggest name in the perfume industry. This French fashion house creates fabulous fragrances that will leave an aromatic effect on your date

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• The sexy fragrance from the Spanish designer house, Robert Verino will leave a lingering impression on your date

A smell brings memories rushing back and is intricately associated with emotions. A lot of thinking and planning goes into deciding what outfit to wear. Give more emphasis on the perfume. Wear your perfume for a creating a lasting memory in your date’s mind!

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10 best chocolates in the world for your valentine

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

Your valentine and chocolates have a lot in common. Chocolate, wine and women have to be of the finest selections for a perfect relationship. Gifting the finest chocolate this valentine will add more flavors to your relationship and blend it to perfection.

Here is a suggestion of 10 best chocolates in the world for your valentine:

10. Hershey’s chocolates are the oldest chocolate manufacturer of chocolates in the USA that makes one to drool. This valentine gift her Hershey’s kisses to tell her what she means to you.

9. Richart Chocolates are perfect to create a romantic mood this Valentine.

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8. NOKA dark chocolates are the manufactured from select single estate beans which makes it one of the finest dark chocolates in the world

7. Neuhaus Chocolates are the popular Belgian chocolates. Enticing range of fillings are created that add to the pleasure of the moment

6. Thorntons Chocolates are a UK brand and popular the world over. These chocolates have a hard outer layer which will rightly convey your emotions that you are a softie within

5. Ferrero Rocher
is the world’s most loved Italian brand of chocolates. The thin layer of wafer coated with chocolate simply melts in the mouth

best chocolates in the world for your valentine

best chocolates in the world for your valentine

4. The romantic collection from zChocolat created by French chocolatier Pascal Caffet

3. Ghirardelli chocolates are the finest chocolates in the world even today as they follow a rigid quality control. Almost 40% of the cocoa beans are rejected so has to maintain the high quality of the chocolates

2. Lindt, the Swiss chocolate is the most popular brand in the world. Its rich taste and smoothness compel the taste buds to crave for more

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1. Godiva chocolates makes the maximum varieties in chocolates like dark chocolate, raspberry, caramel, almonds etc. Experience happiness when the chocolate just melts in the mouth

Chocolates are found to be the most romantic gifts in the world. Before the chocolates melt in the mouth, the heart melts at the sight of them. Enjoy being in love!

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