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Risk of Losing Connection with Your Husband

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

You often notice that couples fight over the most petty issues and can run longer than usual and at times they stop speaking to each other for days. This silence or the so called cease fire can have adverse effects on their relationship especially in married couples.

husband faccing emotional disconnect from him wife

husband faccing emotional disconnect from him wife

Here are the top FIVE side effect of disconnect with your husband –

1. It create emotional disconnect between you and your husband and cracks become more wider if no one initiates the patch up.

2. Your husband will not notice you no matter how sexy you look in a red dress that he gifted you.

3. Things look darker as you realize his friends and their wives stop communicating. This indicates that he discussed the issue with his friends and can become a very embarrassing situation to handle.

4. Your husband will neither egg you on or say yes if you plan something special for both of you or if you are invited to a party. In short you might face a social disconnect from his life.

5. In the worst case your husband will look for sex outside of your marriage if the tussle between both of you runs more than one week or less and depends on the intensity of sex drive of that your husband has.

As they say marriages are made in heaven and we should respect this if we believe in God. There are a few tips that couple should follow to overcome such situations. Every couple goes through a bad patch but, how to come out of these are testing times that make the relationship stronger.

Watch out for this space as we talk more about how easy it is for couples to re- discover their lost love. Comment on this article and tell us what are the bad effects due to the disconnect from your husband.

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Why Do Women cheat – Any guesses Guys?

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

The word cheating is commonly used and associated with men as its a common belief that men cheat a majority of the time with their female counterparts for sex, money, status, love, intimacy and sometimes just the thrill of it all. However, keep in mind that it takes a woman for a man to cheat, so they are just as culpable.

Why Do Women cheat – Any guesses Guys

Why Do Women cheat – Any guesses Guys

It ‘s a common belief that men go for external beauty as compared to females that give more priority to the internal traits such as personality. However in this fast lifestyle, financial independence women are also in this category as men who have enjoyed this dominating position for a long time.

As a result now days we see more cases of women cheat men (still less in number though). But differences is in motive behind this as both men and women have a different thinking process. So the question is why do women cheat?

The relationship expert Jen Evans says that it’s more of same reasons why men cheat but, there are differences like communication and emotional attachments. A person who is not a great communicator does not get emotionally attached to women and loose this attachment over the period of time.

Ask Men also added a few factors like boredom in bedroom, feeling ignored or sometime just don’t feel special when you are together.

Comment on this article and tell us what so you think makes women cheat.

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