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Office Dating- Get Your Work and Dating on Different Tracks

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Busy schedules and fast paced life have left young singles with no time to socialize and think of their dating life. Young singles spend most of their time in offices where they come into contact with their coworkers a fair amount than anywhere else apart from the home.

Office Dating is on the rise

Office Dating is on the rise

This is very natural in that the more you come into contact with your coworker the more you get attracted. However getting romantic with your coworker can also get you into tangles, especially if you relationship does not work out well.

Here are some of the hazards of office romance –

1. You spend lot of your time with your coworker and need a change but your dating coworker would not give you the opportunity to socialize with others.

2. Dating your senior or junior coworker can drag you to unwanted situations where you might be accused of favoritism. If this goes up to higher management it could cost your job.

3. There is always a lot of politics involved in the office environment, and you will find yourself in a strange land and any career decisions that you make could be jeopardized.

There is an old saying that one should not mix business with pleasure. However there are also good reasons to date your coworker and we will discuss this in our upcoming article.

Please comment in this article as to what you feel would be the relationship breaker in an office romance.

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Young Singles, College Dating…Come Out from the Comfort Zone

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Have you ever got sweaty palms? Or butterfly in you stomach while asking for date to your college friend. I am sure many of you would answer is affirmative. Hang out in group is completely different ball game when you plan for a date where only two of you will be together. This would very much an intimidating situation if you haven’t been in such situation. But, hang on you are not dating stranger. You guys are friends and share common interest and that can give you ample opportunity to calm your nerves.

Young Singles, College Dating…Come Out from the Comfort Zone

Young Singles, College Dating…Come Out from the Comfort Zone

Here Are Your Top 3 Do’s to Come out Of Friend Zone Before Asking for Date

1. Wait for Boiling Point: Timing is very important in any relationship specially asking for date. If both you have always around with your friends and never been hanging out alone then this could be awkward situation. Here s tips to get this going

• Talking about people, friends and their stories would be good icebreaker for both of you. Talk about opposite sex and try to gain from jealousy factor, but don’t over do it as you might spoil the show.

• Teasing game is a real fun and can set the right mood for you. You are getting strong signals and both you keep having eye contact, but wait don’t just jump in to it right away. Here is twist try to avoid group hangout and disappear for couple of days from group. This will create a curiosity and you can become a part of his/her loneliness even when you are not around.

• Find a calm space when you hangout with your friends where both of you are alone even though crowded by friends. This is right time to ask for date, that’s fine if you don’t decide the date the time.

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2. Schedule a date: Carry on from where both of you left and schedule a date, but don’t much brainstorm. Keep is simple plan a casual date.

3. On the big Day: Obviously you don’t want to spoil the show after doing all the heard work and amount of time you sent for this day. Be yourself, you are going to date you friend and nothing has changed. You both are still the same only the place is different. Don’t be nervous, be calm relax. Don’t try to win the heart in the first meeting by presenting something that you don’t. There are plenty of thing to talk be don’t plan every thing and be expressive and spontaneous.

Many young single shy away from asking friend for a date reason because they are afraid of loosing a friend. But, that is not the best way to do, you can go on date and find that she don’t want to be your girlfriend and even you realize that she is not the one you are looking for, so what you can still be friends.

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