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Using search engines to locate good free dating sites - Part 13 - Online Dating Briefs by Dr. Dato

Article Subject: 13. Searching for good free dating sites through search engines

Dr. Dato’s Brief:

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Earlier we talked about how review sites can be helpful to your cause in locating good free dating sites, however, you need to be aware of any indirect affiliation of the website with other paid dating sites.

The other tell-tale signs for review sites that are not always revealing the ‘truth’ are as follows;

1. Almost all the reviews point to a handful of the top dating sites such as Match, Eharmony, Chemistry etc.
There are very good reasons they do this, it is because if you drive traffic to their sites the payout can be very handsome!

2. How to determine exactly if the reviewer is an affiliate member of the dating companies
Take a look at the referring url, it will consist of a lengthy string that emanates from the reviewing site and lands on the paid dating site. In this way the paid dating site can track the targeted visitor having come from the reviewed site and follow the user through the site until he/she signs up and the reviewer will get paid as a result.

There is nothing inherently wrong with this technique and it is one of the primary ways that webmasters make money and keep the big companies moving. However, if the information from the affiliated site is skewed and false and drives users in this manner then it is at fault.

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affiliated links have tracking code to monitor who came from where in order to monetize on signups

affiliated links have tracking code to monitor who came from where in order to monetize on signups

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