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Economics of love – Are you with right partner?

The words ‘economics of love’ raises lots of eyebrows of those who believe that love is unconditional and those who seek benefit from love is the not right person to live with. It is right but, being in love is different then spending life with a loved one. Again, this is contradiction that many believe.

To understand this better, let’s check out the cycle of relationships and the role of human emotions

Economics of love – Are you with right partner

Economics of love – Are you with right partner

Attraction Phase
We use the word “Falling” in love because the looks and charm of someone can sweep you off your feet and you get attracted towards that person unconditionally. It is a situation hard to control by both men and women and ones logical decision making takes a hit.

Idealize Positives
This is the key phase of any relationship and generates enough power to get through new phases. In this phase lovers get attracted toward and in every trait and most of the time they see all good things. Lovers also compare their lover with someone they often visualize in their dreams.

This is the most thought phase but at the same time can be the most result oriented phase. In this phase couples come closer to each other and start going out and realizing their dreams of being together, however for some it creates space issues. They start to realize that they are not getting enough time for themselves or it’s not about me anymore and it is about “WE” where they may have difficulty in handling.

Suddenly they start asking questions such as “am I with the right person?” This is where economics of love play an important role. Here, everyone has to choose from either choosing the right person to love or loving the very person they found.

Choosing the right person for love is difficult as there is no perfect lover and even if you find one and go with the rule of choosing the right person there is every possibility that you won’t like his or her smile or the kind of friends he or she keeps. That is why love can be termed as “falling” in love and you need to take a “decision” in being love that makes you an economist of your romantic relationship that is going to pay you high dividends in years to come.

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13 Responses to “Economics of love – Are you with right partner?”

  1. Imnewto says:

    This seems to be about right for most people.

  2. hmdj123 says:

    ok, that’s good.

  3. msmickey102 says:

    It seems perfect for most people.

  4. msmickey102 says:

    what if i say :A happy Life is not about finding the right partner but how long you can hang on to your partner till the very last end, True love is not about how you love your partner in the beginning but how much love you can endure till the very last end, Yesterday is gone, no one knows tomorrow, but today is a gift that is why it’s called the PRESENT. To love is divine and to error is human, life is full of ups and downs, strength in each other will determine life for a true couple. Be loyal, loving, playful, curious, very romantic and full of life. Value honesty, faith and communication. You should be very affectionate and love romance ( do try kiss and cuddle). believe in chemistry and love on first site as well, appreciate intelligence of your partner and always respect his views and decisions. This will put you on a solid foundation to build a healthy and happy relationship. Thank you

  5. Jumpdates says:

    Thanks msmickey102 for sharing your unbiased view of this topic

  6. brandy9999 says:

    am with right man and cant comments more than this

  7. ZooMee says:

    Don’t know

  8. tjhorseman says:

    It amazes me how many of the comments on this subject were (I don’t know) or (No Idea). Whereas these comments are the true answer, they do show us an important fact. Love not only can’t be defined, it can’t even be analyzed. The world of science in all its electronic majesty can’t give us a decent definition of what love is or what causes it. If you ask a woman why she is with someone, most of the time the answer will be (I don’t know, but I love him). Personally I believe love lives on a soul level and not a level of reality we understand. This is why once it dies or is gone we can’t recreate it. The only way we can enjoy love is to accept that we have the ability to love anyone, no matter their age, race, sex or color. Yes I said it love can exist in a gay or lesbian relationship and although I for one genuinely enjoy the act of direct contact with the opposite sex, some don’t. So finally to my point, love is an emotional reaction to a chemical attraction. We can’t start it or stop it or change it. Relationships require work and commitment, love on the other hand requires letting go of your logic and accepting what it has to offer.

    As I said earlier this is my opinion, I have not spent millions studding the effects of love, but if you open your heart and you’re mind you will see there is some logic in what I say.

  9. dcole050401 says:

    I wonder if the people that post really short comments are just trying to get their blog points up. lol

  10. Darren_rWz2 says:

    chances are yes its for the points gotta get them some how but id say over half the country are with the wrong people whether it be for money or what ever else they fit the need for

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