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Datehookup and Ease of Navigation - Free Dating Service Review - Part 2

Friday, January 18th, 2013

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The other features of Datehookup included the Mutual Match, this is very similar to the feature found in Mingle2. The idea behind this system is that you go through pictures that you like and label them as ‘No’, ‘Maybe’ or ‘Yes’. Each time you select an answer, you will be presented with another photo. If there is a mutual match, meaning that the other person also mutually matched you, then an email goes out to tell you this. This could be the ice-breaker needed to get favorable responses from other members on the site. It so happens that when you go to many of these dating sites that the messages you send to all those profiles that you liked, ends up in a black hole. The mutual match is a way to get you more results.

Navigation is an important feature of any dating site, let alone any website on the internet. It can mean the difference between a frustrated user or a user that moves through the site with relative ease without ever having to worry about navigation. Let me tell you, that when a user starts thinking about navigation on your website, then the website effectively has failed. What it should do is take the user seamlessly through the site without having to worry about all these silly little things. An analogy would be to drive a car and when you drive it and find yourself not paying attention to the things that can annoy you such as the ride quality, instrumentation access, ease of driving then you know you have a good car. The point is that all websites should take you through the steps that YOU want to go through and not be hampered by the technical hiccups of navigation, confusing visuals etc. Fortunately, Datehookup excels in this area.

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Datehookup and Ease of Navigation - Free Dating Service Review

Friday, January 18th, 2013 has been one of the earliest free dating websites started around the same time as and The website has not changed much in the way of layout and design and has remained pretty much the same since it started all those years ago. This is unusual considering that web sites go through an evolutionary process of updates and redesign to keep abreast of technology etc. However, if you look at, this site has not changed for almost two decades and is still going strong. One of the reasons, why it may have kept the same look and style is that it probably does not feel the necessity to change. If it does the job of bringing singles together, why change?

Datehookup and Ease of Navigation - Free Dating Sites Review

Datehookup and Ease of Navigation - Free Dating Sites Review

The first impressions of is that the site is pretty static and you know where everything is. This is true once you have registered to the site and start searching for other members on the site. The site does not deviate away from its intended core structure or purpose so that users will be able to find everything fairly rapidly and quickly. A good test to see how dating sites perform is to do a search for potential dates and see how long it would take you to message them. I was able to send messages to about five other potential members within a few minutes.

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What’s in Store for Free Dating Sites in 2013

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

It is fitting to discuss the state of free dating sites which have been a thorn and a blessing to many of the huge paid dating sites. A thorn - because it’s completely free and many singles will flock to these sites as a result. A blessing - because the huge sites can leverage advertisements on these sites to attract potentially targeted folks to their own site. So what is in store for 2013 for free dating sites, how will growth be determined?

It is clear that free dating sites are not going to go away anytime soon and in fact they will continue to grow in strength and numbers. The reason for this is very clear, the number of people logging onto the internet is continuing to grow and fueled by the number of affordable smartphones and tablets hitting the public domain. The demand for apps will rise significantly in 2013 and one can expect to find more dating sites churning out feature rich apps in 2013.


Tablets have increased the number of casual users who who browse the internet due to its great versatility and ease of use. Compare the benefits of having a tablet as opposed to a laptop on your coffee tablet. You want to quickly search for something that you found interesting on your TV or just check your email. With the tablet, it takes a few seconds to get to the browser screen but with a laptop you will need to open the cover, take it out of standby, login and then go to your browser screen. Another factor that will add to the growth of internet users in 2013 will be the affordable devices that manufactures will be bringing to the public. The cost of smartphones and tablets have been decreasing significantly from year to year making it more affordable for many users.


How does all this translate to the growth (if any) of the free dating sites in the year 2013? It’s very simple, many studies have shown that world-wide traffic to online websites have grown in line with the number of users on the internet. Since their is no anticipated slow-down in the internet traffic, we can expect a similar growth for free dating sites into 2013 and beyond. The figure shows a potential increase of up to 30%** in internet traffic which will roughly equate to another 10%-30% increase or growth in traffic to free dating sites. This is definitely good news for online singles who want to save money but still have wider options to find their ideal mate.

**Check out the Wikipedia page for all the latest internet user and usage - Internet traffic

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Improve your dating life socialize on free dating and networking sites - Part 2

Monday, October 1st, 2012

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In the above table that you have created add headers in one column ‘Dating & Social Sites’, ‘Frequency of Use’ and ‘My Personal Notes’. Continue to list all the sites you have listed at the beginning under the first column and in the second column, jot down how often you visit these sites on a weekly basis. You may also be comfortable to work with a daily or monthly basis, it is entirely up to you. In the third column, you are going to add YOUR personal notes of what you think is good and bad about this site relative to WHAT YOU want to achieve. Make as many notes as you can on the third column for THAT specific site and continue to do this with the rest of the sites.

Below the table we are going to add a new header called ‘My Current Dating Strategy’ and write a sentence or two of how well your current strategy is working for you and rate it good, bad or wonderful. Create another header called ‘My Winning Dating Strategy’ and jot down very few sentences of what changes you are likely to make. Now copy the original table and place it below this section. Empty the contents under ‘Frequency of Use’ and ‘My Personal Notes’ in this new table keeping only the list of dating and social sites in the first column. Also on this table, I want you to add a few empty rows below to ADD any new dating and social sites that you may come across when you are browsing or chatting to friends. Carefully go through this table and add truthfully and honestly the information under the other two columns. It is very important that you are realistic about this and will almost determine your winning strategy for dating. Don’t get ahead of yourself and revisit this document in a month and repeat the process by identifying how your previous strategy fared and the new winning strategy that you need to keep on track.

The above method will be a self-correcting process to get you on the right track and allow you to assess yourself at a personal level to make a highly winning strategy designed JUST FOR YOU. You probably heard the very common saying ‘You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink’. This is very true of human beings where all the advice in the world can be hurled at you but you don’t necessarily follow it and in some cases you don’t even realize that you are not following it. This short exercise here has been designed to find YOUR own true potential and to use your wits and mind around you to get the best out of the dating world. It is very possible that you will find that even though you are doing all these activities your heart is not in it for one reason or another. You may also find that you are overdoing it and you need to slow down and this may reflect on the people you are dating.

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Top 5 Female Online Dating Profile Blunders Girls Should Avoid

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

When it comes to online dating profiles on free dating sites, girls are very particular about the details when they read the male profile. They look for the smallest of details and try to gauge the seriousness of the profile holder and what it says about the person. However, when boys look at female profiles they find a different set of mistakes which girls should be aware of.



Here are top FIVE mistakes girls make while creating the online dating profile.

1. “I love going out but don’t mind staying in” – Come on, what kind of line is this. Anyone would love to go out and make sure that you don’t diffuse this with the ‘staying in’ part. Keep the activities of what you like to do when you are staying in and put it into another category.

2. “I am like a famous character from the television series” – You are saying it because you want attention but you are not like that at all. If you must say something like this, say it from a third party point of view ie. ‘People say I have the nose and eyes of ’. Although, keep this short and bear in mind that you have to come across as having some humility.

3. “I have plenty to say but, don’t have anything to write right now” – This line is something many say and easy to spot and can say something about the personality of that person. It can show a sign of someone who struggles communicating which is an essential trait in a successful relationship.

4. “No Emotional Drama Please” – Generally this line comes from a male profile but some females do use it. It’s a clear indication that you are not prepared to take on the emotional ups and downs which any health relationship will have. However, this line generally means people who try to get things through emotional drama. In this case, say you want someone who is honest and to the point and not going to give the run around. This is perfectly reasonable statement to make. From a negative psychological viewpoint, the person making this statement may be the drama queen themselves.

5. “No Photoshop please” - Post a photo that shows some activity or background to make it real. A photo showing only your face is not enough you all have same make, right!

Comment on this article “especially men” to tell us your experience while visiting female profile.

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