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The nature of shortcomings in people - be mentally prepared

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

We all make mistakes and in the areas of couple relationships or when we are dating, the nature of our mistakes can become even more exaggerated. The question that follows, is what is the best way to deal with shortcomings in people.

Firstly, you will need to understand that everyone has shortcomings and our point of reference for people’s shortcomings are entirely based on our own experience. For example, if we feel that we do this and that and our partner is not able to do this and that, then this becomes a shortcoming in the other partner in our own eyes. Equally, your partner will also have a list of potential shortcomings in you! This is where couples learn to adjust and understand that this is the way of the nature and by talking about the subject often helps one to make reconciliations.

Often couples will try to aim for an exchange the services of their shortcomings. For example, you may be a good cook, then I cook and do the dishes. However, in my experience, this division of labor can lead to many problems and often induces self-frustration and leads to complications in the relationship. I believe, it is ok to divide some of the chores of the household or other matters but be very careful in not to take this too far. After all, you are both a couple and not a relationship of convenience.

It is important to know that aside from giving each other tasks based on each other’s shortcomings, is that you continue to overlap and look at many tasks that you can do together. Going out on a date night is ok, but there are plenty of other activities that will forge the relationship between you and your partner and make your relationship a more committed one. Try to think outside the box and do something totally different together instead of the usual walks, trips and regular activities that you are used to. The act of giving and doing something together are some of the paramount ways to build strong relationships.

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