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Why Do Women cheat – Any guesses Guys?

The word cheating is commonly used and associated with men as its a common belief that men cheat a majority of the time with their female counterparts for sex, money, status, love, intimacy and sometimes just the thrill of it all. However, keep in mind that it takes a woman for a man to cheat, so they are just as culpable.

Why Do Women cheat – Any guesses Guys

Why Do Women cheat – Any guesses Guys

It ‘s a common belief that men go for external beauty as compared to females that give more priority to the internal traits such as personality. However in this fast lifestyle, financial independence women are also in this category as men who have enjoyed this dominating position for a long time.

As a result now days we see more cases of women cheat men (still less in number though). But differences is in motive behind this as both men and women have a different thinking process. So the question is why do women cheat?

The relationship expert Jen Evans says that it’s more of same reasons why men cheat but, there are differences like communication and emotional attachments. A person who is not a great communicator does not get emotionally attached to women and loose this attachment over the period of time.

Ask Men also added a few factors like boredom in bedroom, feeling ignored or sometime just don’t feel special when you are together.

Comment on this article and tell us what so you think makes women cheat.

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13 Responses to “Why Do Women cheat – Any guesses Guys?”

  1. David says:

    Women cheat for the same reasons that men cheat.

  2. Donald says:

    women cheat because they do not love their man

  3. Sonny says:

    Women cheat because lack of sex with their partner

  4. Kennedy says:

    There are several resons why women cheat on guys.
    1. Either the love they found in the guy is no longer there or she found out that the man equally cheats on her.
    2. The man does not satisfy her either financially or sexually, (quick release)
    3. The man does not make out time to stay with his woman, (women need it alot)

  5. shah alam says:

    Women cheats a men, there is lot of reason behind it,
    a. World so fast now so most of the women like change there boyfriend like their dress.
    b. Money is the second god when a lady guess somebody is more then her present boy friend.
    c. Sex is important part in human life so it is also a reason for cheat or break up.

  6. kevinrow says:

    there is a lot of resons why woman cheat.
    it could be that her man is never there when she needs him.
    sex is not there any more .
    or just the need to try new things that she would not ask her partner for.
    but you might avoid it if as a man you talk and hear what a woman needs and don’t just think of your self.

  7. franky101 says:

    Not every woman cheats,its just that women sometimes don’t really know what they want,so they are confused and fall into a mess when there are situations on ground

  8. theone says:

    I know some women cheat just to feel a larger man inside them , its not that they dont love there partners its just sometimes nice to have something larger every now and then

  9. Zakaria says:

    Frau ding /Money seeking/time pas/fun

  10. Susan says:

    Not every woman cheats,its just that women sometimes don’t really know what they want,so they are confused and fall into a mess when there are situations on ground

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