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Essential gender criterias in the dating game - part 2

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012


What are the gender differences in the thinking behind this new modern world we live in especially in the areas of dating, relationships and marriage. We know that women are just as capable as men to take on high-flying jobs and to excel in it if they so wish. There are some truths when a high caliber woman chooses to date a younger man and this can happen often. However, if money and power are the primary requirements to acquiring a potential mate then one could say that it goes against the grains of traditional thinking that all relationships are built on ‘love’ and not materialistic stuff. Perhaps many of us take ‘love’ for granted and nowadays with so many places to visit, dine and buy toys, the financial

Essential gender criterias in the dating game - part 2

Essential gender criterias in the dating game - part 2

requirements of a relationship takes more precedence. The internet and the TV is a big window to so many possibilities and opens the way to an active and materialistic life but often require much financial backing. There is a balance but that is also addressed with many offerings of zero down and no payment required till next year. If we are not too careful we at the mercy of digging a financial hole that we cannot get out of and no ‘love’ in the world can get us out of this sticky situation. When you rejoice the whole world rejoices together and when you cry, you cry alone. Maybe there is a lot to be said for a relationship built on strong finance.

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