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Dont Make Dates A Job but do make sure to make the effort

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Whether you are new to using online dating sites or a veteran you ought to know that you don’t make dates a job. After all dating is fun and if you try to overly impress someone or feel the need to work very hard at pleasing your date then you are only stressing yourself out and positively taking out all the enjoyment of dating. There are a few secrets to help you enjoy a rewarding experience when dating online. They are just a few lessons that some singles haven’t learned yet. To begin with, you need to be original and confident without being cocky. This is of course something for the men. Guys, you may have guessed that women have the upper hand when it comes to online dating. This lies from the fact that there are many more guys than women on dating sites.
So, when I say don’t make dates a job I also mean you need to make the right approach. Your first email must be brief but provide enough information about yourself. No one liners that are usually suggestions such as ‘I liked your profile and am interested in taking things further.’ This won’t go down well women who are serious about dating. In all probability, every woman will receive hundreds of these. Now, here is another task that you need to accomplish with finesse. Make her aware that you have taken the time to read her profile so that she knows you aren’t someone just scouting around for some temporary thrills.

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Dont Make Dates A Job when you start dating online

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

If you have been struggling to find a dating partner, the reasons for your failure could be many. Surprisingly, often you could end up working too hard at it and turn a potential date away. This may sound strange but true. You don’t make dates a job. Dating isn’t a task similar to anything you do at your workplace. Yes, you need to make the effort but that doesn’t mean you have to try so hard that you goof up without even realizing it. It could take the slightest reason to turn someone off in the online dating scene. Remember, if you haven’t met up yet and are still in the email and chat room stage there could be things you say that may upset your potential date. Just remember that etiquette counts and you need to play by the rules so that you don’t make dates a job.
Spend more time focusing on building a relationship and not on going all out to impress your potential date. And, don’t make dating something that falls into the spare cracks of time you have. Set aside enough time to spend chatting with your potential date. You should feel lucky to find someone, which of course, will be reciprocated by the other person. Don’t live in a perpetual meritocratic world, which then leads to dating becoming a mere task you need to accomplish. For the most part, dating isn’t tough do you don’t make dates a job. Enjoy yourself dating, that’s what it is all about.

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