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Top 3 truths Men should Avoid telling their Girlfriends

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

You would have read numerous articles on relationships that couples at any stage of their relationship should not hide from their partner in order to increase the trust bond between them. However, there are plenty of men who also feel that revealing too much of the truths at the initial stage of thee relationship would actually spoil their relationship going forward.

Top 3 truths Men should Avoid telling their Girlfriends

Top 3 truths Men should Avoid telling their Girlfriends

Here are the top 3 truths men should avoid initially –

1. Never tell your current girlfriend about your ex-girlfriend and the previous relationship details with her initially. However if she asks explicitly then you can answer it with short yes or no. Explaining the entire story is not recommended.

2. Some girls have issues that their boyfriends spend more time with their male friends rather than with her. This create a lot of problems for boys as they like hanging out with their friends just like girls do and you cannot change this lifestyle overnight. Make sure that men keep their two lives separate in the initial stage of the relationship.

3. Don’t say “I Love You”, certainly not very often. Girls like to hear “I love you” more often but, too much of “I love you” makes your girlfriend think that you are not saying it from the heart which could be a big setback.

Jumpdates does not encourage men hiding anything from their girlfriends but our intention is to provide relationship tips which makes for a better and stronger relationship in the long-term.

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Hidden Treasures of Long Lasting Relationship for Singles…It’s in their Blood

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Large numbers of singles and couples from the Unites States take help of dating coaches to revitalize their dating life or to find out their compatibility. There are other methods that also reveal the truth of compatibility and lasting relationships like Astrological match, but now scientists have broken the code of long lasting relationships….well it’s in your blood, literally.



Yes it’s true, now you can find all the answers that you want to know about your relationship like whether this relationship is going to work? Or how deeply your partner loves you? A simple blood test can answer these questions for you. Scientific research has found that singles recently in a romantic relationship have shown higher levels of oxytocin in there blood sample. Tests were conducted on 160 young singles who recently started dating out and out of 36 were still dating after 6 month. Looking back at their records shows that their oxytocin level was high which backs the claim.

But can all the relationship be predicated by a simple blood test? Certainly not! There can be a strong chance of being attracted to someone with a sex drive which increases oxytocin level and won’t be considered as real love. Human relationships are more complex and depend on different factors and vary from human to human. Members of the research team said that these findings suggest that lovers were completely into each other and satisfied by mating and that raises the oxytocin level, but you cannot predict everything. We should not make our relationship so clinical that we have to resort to blood match and forget about the romance. We should rely on our human instincts and emotions and leave the blood test for diagnoses that are physical, not emotional.

Free dating sites expert Mayur Vyas, at Jumpdates has a different view on this. He says that when you meet someone new or fall in love you are excited and your oxytocin level goes up, but if you have been married to someone for 20 odd years you won’t feel the same excitement but you are still in love. In fact you love more than when you started. Love is like old wine it becomes more satisfying and refreshing with time.

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