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Does Size Really Matter? – Reveals New Researches Worldwide

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

You probably read this many times and ask yourself too the question “Does penile size really matter to women?” And you would have found the answers. However, new generation always has this query and researchers from the current era try their best to find out the truth.

Latest research on does size matter for women

It is hot debate right now as researchers like NAT Geo from Australia and Psychologists from Scotland have a dome test for females to find out how much the size lures them or does it play a role in reaching female orgasm.

Does Size Really Matter? – Reveals New Researches Worldwide

Does Size Really Matter? – Reveals New Researches Worldwide

National Geographic has conducted a research on by doing the brain mapping of 100+ Australian women between age group 26 to 52 years old. They have shown images of human penis to these females and observed gray areas of their brain. The research was headed by Brian Mautz with his team from Ottawa, Canada. [Resource]

These ladies were asked to rate those pictures on the scale of 1-7, where 1 being less attractive and 7 being the most. However, the facts that came up were surprising which showed that larger you go does not necessarily make you less attractive. They also found some correlation of the height of men and the length of flaccid penises. The most attractive was 2.99 inches. The research was not totally convincing about the length of the penis, but the overall size of the penis does make an impact.

In the other part of the world scientist in Scotland were more interested in finding how often females reach orgasm and if there any connection between the sizes of male organs and reaching climax every time. The study included 323 students from the university and were asked to remember their last experience. They found that 60% of females said that size made no difference in their experience against 30.33% said that they were more attracted by size. [Resource]

In the past there were plenty of such research that took place but did not find the first kind of these studies but the there appears to be a growing interest in the coming years. Jumpdates believes that there plenty of aspect that that researchers need to look at rather than just the size of the penis. Traits like girth, duration of foreplay, actual penetration and plenty of those factors that can reveal more on this so called hidden fact which can be found during the real action rather just the pure science research in the lab.

Comment on this article and tell us what you have experienced when you were in action last time.

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Economics of love – Are you with right partner?

Friday, April 12th, 2013

The words ‘economics of love’ raises lots of eyebrows of those who believe that love is unconditional and those who seek benefit from love is the not right person to live with. It is right but, being in love is different then spending life with a loved one. Again, this is contradiction that many believe.

To understand this better, let’s check out the cycle of relationships and the role of human emotions

Economics of love – Are you with right partner

Economics of love – Are you with right partner

Attraction Phase
We use the word “Falling” in love because the looks and charm of someone can sweep you off your feet and you get attracted towards that person unconditionally. It is a situation hard to control by both men and women and ones logical decision making takes a hit.

Idealize Positives
This is the key phase of any relationship and generates enough power to get through new phases. In this phase lovers get attracted toward and in every trait and most of the time they see all good things. Lovers also compare their lover with someone they often visualize in their dreams.

This is the most thought phase but at the same time can be the most result oriented phase. In this phase couples come closer to each other and start going out and realizing their dreams of being together, however for some it creates space issues. They start to realize that they are not getting enough time for themselves or it’s not about me anymore and it is about “WE” where they may have difficulty in handling.

Suddenly they start asking questions such as “am I with the right person?” This is where economics of love play an important role. Here, everyone has to choose from either choosing the right person to love or loving the very person they found.

Choosing the right person for love is difficult as there is no perfect lover and even if you find one and go with the rule of choosing the right person there is every possibility that you won’t like his or her smile or the kind of friends he or she keeps. That is why love can be termed as “falling” in love and you need to take a “decision” in being love that makes you an economist of your romantic relationship that is going to pay you high dividends in years to come.

Check out flip side of love - what is Love

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Extramarital Relationship for FUN Only

Friday, April 12th, 2013

There has been a lot of talk about extramarital affairs and relationships outside of marriages all over the world. People from different countries and religion have different views on this controversial topic. For example, in South Asian countries it is a taboo thing whereas in Islam men can have multiple wife’s and it is allowed provided husband has to provide separate accommodation for them. [Resource] However, one cannot call it as an extramarital relationship since it is done in the open. Even in the Bible there are stories of polygamy and marriages with multiple partners.

Extramarital Relationship for FUN Only

Extramarital Relationship for FUN Only

However, life is getting busy and humans want to explore new ways to get thrilled and moments that provide them with FUN and in the process we are crossing all the moral hurdles but unfortunately the embedded chip of moral policing is missing in us modern humans.

But, behind increasing extramarital relationships we need to find out the reasons and factors about what researchers have to say about this.

• Researchers from France found that extramarital relationships are making men loyal to their marriages. They also found that male whose father spend less time with them during childhood are more likely to form extramarital relationship. [Research]

• We also like to see the effect of commercialization of sex, pills and material related to this. Today, buying sex is easy and people with surplus money are doing this all the time. You can find plenty of adult dating and sex dating sites that attract men and women to get cozy with taglines to have fun.

• We should also turn the pages of history and read Psychology and sexual inversion of Sex by Havelock Ellis where he explains the fantasies, truth and other untouched areas of sex.

Even celebrities are not an exception here; find out more celebrity affairs outside their marriages. Comment on this article and tell us what will trigger you to have a relationship outside of your marriage or long-term relationship.

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President Obama Flirting? Best looking Kamala Harris – Indian Connection

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

There is a lot of buzz in the US media and on social networking on the recent comment made by President Obama on Californian attorney General Kamala Harris. He said that she is brilliant, dedicated, thoughtful in implementing laws and on top of that she is the best looking attorney general in the country. He did apologize for his remark as confirmed by spokesman Gil Duran.

President Obama Flirting Best looking Kamala Harris – Indian Connection

President Obama Flirting Best looking Kamala Harris – Indian Connection

Some are criticizing this statement saying that he should take care in making a sexist comment but there are equal number of people who thinks that there is nothing wrong with what he said. It is simply a flattering comment that anyone can make to another person.

Jumpdates sees an Indian connection could be the catalyst for these kind of remarks. Kalama Devi Harris is the daughter of an Indian parent who came here in the 1960’s. Present Obama has been a strong supporter to stop outsourcing to South Asian countries but on contrary promoting those Indo-American people. There is a list of such who got patted on the back such as Subra Suresh by nominating him president of a national science foundation and Brahma Chellaney who played a key role in getting the nuclear fuel deal. This is in light of 84% Indians in US voted for Obama.

In the past, there were pictures of Obama giving a rollover to lady but in the video shows the truth as he was just helping a lady. See for yourself here.. look at this video.

Check out some of the celebrity romance stories on Jumpdates

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Vacation Dating Violence - How to Avoid

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

The word vacation brings lots of joy on your face as the excitement of exploring new places with your friend, family or love stimulates your mind. There are many dating sites that work on the theme of vacation dating.

Vacation Dating Violence - How to Avoid

Vacation Dating Violence - How to Avoid

Sites like Miss Travel offer this opportunity for ladies who want to be the arm candy of rich billionaire and want to see the world. There is nothing wrong in that but, when it comes to dating a complete stranger, one should stay vigil of the possibilities.

Here are the risks involved in vacation dating

1. Sexual Abuse– You are going to spend most of the time with each other as you do not know anybody else which is better as you get more time to become close. However, this can be exploited in other way and you also become a soft target. At the same time make sure you do not roam alone which also attracts local predators.

2. Financial Theft – Most of the time men bear most of the expenses but at the time you meet they can show off their wealth to attract you and later run away with all your valuables. With no money in a foreign land, you can quickly find yourself in a tight spot and all your dreams will have gone out the window.

3. Can cost your life - Yes, you got it right, in the recent incident that took place in India where a British girl was killed by her Dutch boyfriend when both were on vacation.

Knowing how to avoid vacation dating violence

• You must ensure that you do not travel with complete strangers. Make sure you know him properly or do a good background check from the local police authority.

• While traveling ensure you dress yourself according to the culture of that country especially African and south Asian countries.

• Do not carry valuables like expensive jewelry which makes you a target for thieves.

• Always keep phone numbers handy of local police and the embassy of your country to contact in case of emergency.

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