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New Friendship Status - Friends with Benefit in Fashion

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

“A person who walks into your world when the world walks out” was the definition of a friend. Gone are the days when a friend was defined as a person attached to another person by the emotions of just affection and respect. Today a friend is a person who fulfills your needs without any strings attached. This is what is referred to by friends with benefits.

With the fast pace of life, people are becoming more selfish and self-centered with no place for emotions in their relationships with friends. Today majority of the people search for people who will benefit them in someway or the other and call them as friends.



‘Friends with benefit’ is a totally different mindset and probably is fast becoming a norm in the world of friendship. Most people look for friends who will fulfill some of their needs. Some develop friendship with a person for business or commercial gains while others build a relationship only to kill the weekend or have fun evenings drinking and partying with them.

Another category of people enter into a relationship for the pure sexual pleasures and physical fulfillment. These type of friends are increasing in numbers by the day. The western world followed this openly for sometime now and even the culturally orthodox nations are now open to free sexual relationship.

‘Friends with benefit’ for business purpose or simply for fun and party and is more easily acceptable by the human brain. When friends enter into a physical relationship only for the fun of it, one of the partners naturally gets hurt and the relationship ends on a sour note. The movie ‘Up in the Air’ with actor George Clooney in 2009, typically personifies these types of relationship. The human brain is wired to develop affection for the person with whom you share a physical relation. When one partner gets emotionally involved and ends up getting hurt can signal the end of the relationship.

Analyze your own self and then decide if your psyche can accept ‘friends with benefit’ relationship before you take the plunge.

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Does the acquisition of money empower you to love more? - Part 1

Friday, May 11th, 2012

We all know that money makes the world go around and some have very little or none at all whereas others have a huge boatful. In a materialistic world such as ours, money becomes essential to afford the daily needs of life ie. sustenance, paying bills, buying the necessities of life. To what extent we are able to do this is determined by our earning power.

Does the acquisition of money empower you to love more? - Part 1

Does the acquisition of money empower you to love more? - Part 1

It can be a terrible burden when money becomes scarce and we are all likely to feel very demoralized and it usually ends up impacting our relationships with our loved one or partners. For most of us, we don’t need that much money but sufficient to have a somewhat comfortable life.

In recent studies it has been shown that money has been looked upon by people with intense emotions attached to it. This can make money a crucial catalyst in our daily attitude to life and how we interact with our partner and effectively forge our own destiny. The housing price increases witnessed in the US prior to the 2008 crash is a testament to people’s craving for money and the emotion they can easily attach to this. People definitely like to acquire money in any which way they can and when something moves at a large scale their original ideas of risks are diminished such is the craving for money.

Does the acquisition of money empower you to love more? - Part 2

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