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Doing Casual Dating…Use the Power of Two

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Hey girls…how often you have been asked for a phone number while doing casual online dating? Almost all of the time right and you think twice about this as you were not mentally prepared or should say not ready to face the consequences of your actions.
It’s time to enjoy the freedom of giving numbers but, not giving YOUR number. You heard this right, thanks to the service MyAKA. Doing a simple registration you get a phone number with the same area code. You can use it with any phone and no need to download any Apple App for Google Play of Apple store. Start sending and receiving text messages and call immediately.

So next time you give your number to anyone one whom you think have long term relationship material or want to test the water give him this number. Good thing is if you don’t want to receive text message or phone call simply block the number and you are free.

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Resorting to Online Dating Means Defeat?

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012 is one of the most popular social and democratic platforms for asking people around the world about their views on virtually every topic. The relationship and dating section of this site is one of the busiest where you can answer questions.

Resorting to Online Dating Means Defeat

Resorting to Online Dating Means Defeat

Latest question that has gone viral on Quora is “Does resorting to online dating mean defeat in the real word?” Well as expected answers are very much mixed and reactions from people with different mindsets have expressed their views.

However, most of the experts that denied the fact that just because you are on an online dating sites looking for a date or a life partner means you are not able to find it in the real world. Online dating sites are not the last option in the world, in fact it has become the first. Any one who does not look for dating or a life partner is certainly missing the biggest pool of singles in the world.

Just few days back we published a similar article on this… that online dating sites are socially accepted – It’s True. This article has also got some interesting comment for Jumpdates members.

Tell us what you think about the presence or having an active profile in online dating sites.

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Is Google Ruining Your Dating Life for Forever?

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Google search engine is undoubtedly the king of the web. It shows you the search result very close to being perfect and you can’t deny this fact. But, it also has ended the concept of blind dates and has been running the life of dating star who play all sorts of games to earn the confidence of their dating partner.

Is Google Ruining Your Dating Life for Forever?

Is Google Ruining Your Dating Life for Forever?

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One of the real life example we are talking here (can’t mention the name) where a girl was dating a guy and has been hiding the truth about herself just to get his attention and to keep their dating life active. But, that boy Googled some information about this girl and found what she has been telling her from the past few weeks was nothing but bunch of lies.

That was the last day of their dating story which was the expected reaction. What the girl did was wrong but there are set of people who call her as a dating star and there is another set of people that call her an evil liar. This sort of act is commonly found amongst men as they normally do such things to impress girl.

But, the question that comes to the lime light is does Google run the lives of dating stars? The obvious answer is yes as it is difficult for information to be kept secret by people these days unless they are not active on social media or other internet sites. However, on the other side, it is exposing those habitual people that lie to impress others which that can be very hurtful.

Why don’t you comment on this to share what you guys feel about such cheaters and read this article how to identify such cheaters. Found Your Boyfriend on Free online Dating Site…Is He Really into You?

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Your Day in Office Can Hurt Your Online Dating Life – Know How to Improve It

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Study shows that about 80% of people are unhappy with this current job, positions or growth happening in their professional front. They feel this from day to day and carry this frustration with them wherever they go.

Your Day in Office Can Hurt Your Online Dating Life – Know How to Improve It

Your Day in Office Can Hurt Your Online Dating Life – Know How to Improve It

This frustration is visible in different spheres of life even in your dating life. Studies and surveys have shown that singles that are unhappy with their professional life are less likely to find a date and don’t go socializing enough which decreases their chances of finding a date online.

Here are a few tips from to get rid of the stress and to kick start an active online dating life.

1. Live stress free – if you are not stress free then there is no point going online and finding a date for yourself. How about listening to your favorite tracks or watching your favorite cartoon shows or watch your daily comedy soaps that make you smile.

2. Do not mix office and personal life – Bear in mind that professional and personal lives are very different. If you think about your personal life in the office and professional life at home then it would be disastrous for you.

3. Keep your spirits high – At any point when you will find that you are not getting any success in online dating fronts, this is usually the time when other online single leave the online dating sites scene. This is a big NO from Jumpdates, in fact this is the time when you should increase your efforts. You probably heard of the famous saying where ‘success’ is always around the corner, so don’t give up too easily.

Comment on this article and share this on your Facebook wall to help you and your friends make a successful and rewarding dating life.

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Why Single Parents Struggle in Starting Dating Again

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Everyone wants a loving partner and life long relationship. But, all are not lucky and after getting separated, life of a single parent becomes very busy as they have to play a dual role of a caring parent at home and a daring individual professional at the workplace. This makes single parents very busy and some tend to neglect their own love life.

Why Single Parents Struggle in Starting Dating Again

Why Single Parents Struggle in Starting Dating Again

According to the stats provided by the U.S. census bureau in 2009 about 84% of the mothers and 16% of fathers are single parents. This is surpassing as males are financially more stable than females. This is a different topic and we might discuss this on some other day. The world with broken heart can look ugly which empties the love factor from you heart and from the mind and you don’t want to relive the same experience.

Taking a bit of time off from dating will be a good idea in an ideal situation but, denying the need for mental support that only your partner can provide is not right. Apart from this mental need every individual also has a physical need.

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