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Outsourced Dating – Who Decides the Limit of Dating Surrogates

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Browsing through hundreds of online dating profiles, examining profile pictures, remembering which profile offers the match for you, whom to contact, what to write in your first message and plenty of such questions would quickly become frustrating if you don’t have the skills.

The next best thing you can do is to outsource it. Yes, you heard it right, and like other works where you ask someone else who has the appropriate skills and experience, why not on your online dating too!

Outsourcing is not a new concept and nor outsourcing to finding your romantic partner is alien too . There are companies making a profit out of this business and more and more jobs found on freelancer websites where you can find such a virtual assistance.



There are celebrities who outsourced their dating to professional virtual dating agencies. In 2007 Tim Ferriss – NY Times best selling Author grabbed a lot of attention when we revealed the fact that he outsourced his dating to

From the top, everything looks rosy as you find a dating assistance that would do all the primary task of short listing the profiles, filtering messages and picking the right one that is a perfect match for you. They will help you in arranging the time, date, venue and even what you will wear. So what is next, will you hire their services to see how it feels on the first date or even how the kiss was. Will you able to know how the two of you can gel together and how chemistry with that person is?

Jumpdates cannot dispute the fact that there are singles that have benefited from services like these but we don’t know how successful they were when they started dating. Also, it can cost you a minimum of $360 to $1440 per month which can amount to a hefty debt if you are not lucky enough to find early dates that have have the potential for a good long-term match.

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The Sweet Little things of Care in a Relationship…It Matters a Lot

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

In out last article we discussed about “Do you still think love needs a language?” which was quite appreciated by Jumpdates members and dating communities around the internet. On concluding that article we categorically stated that we tend to forget or care about the smaller things in life that give us bigger joys in the relationship.

The Sweet Little things of Care in a Relationship

The Sweet Little things of Care in a Relationship

Everyone knows the importance of taking care of a small thing that makes your romantic partner happy but it seems to be difficult to achieve most of the time. Here is Jumpdates research just for you to elevate your love life and make it much more enjoyable.

1. Go back to your childhood and play boards games or go cycling together.

2. Physical healing – You know your partner is tired after a long working day in the office. Try giving your partner a gentle message like rubbing her back or neck. More important is that your touch that quickly gets rid of stress from the body.

3. Emotional healing – Action speaks louder than words, do something that surprises your romantic partner. Go on an unexpected date, send a text message saying “I Love you” when he/she least expected it from you. Try to make your partner happy as this will make both of your emotional bond stronger.

4. Spend time together talking about your previous experience or plans of your future together. Get some healthy discussions going more often as that will help both of you to understand each other better. Most relationships takes a dip in this department as busy lifestyle don’t allow people to get cozy with each other often and it’s more of a one way communication rather than a discussion.

Hope this compilation has good points that couple needs to do to make their relationship blossom over the years. Contribute your comments to enhancing this article.

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Think of Online Dating Sites as a Friend to Get Amazing Results

Monday, May 28th, 2012

The definition of a friend is someone who knows you very well and with whom you share a bond of mutual understanding and affection exclusive of sexual and family relationship. The word friendship can also be defined as a strong bond between two people regardless of gender. This is the subject of study that comes under sociology.

Think of Online Dating Sites as a Friend to Get Amazing Results

Think of Online Dating Sites as a Friend to Get Amazing Results

However, the definition of friend and friendship is getting redefined by social networking giant (as of now) Facebook as they have invented the concept of friend to friend when it comes to creating the social group between friends. Friend is someone who increases your happy moments and cuts down on your sorrows.

Similarly singles looking for a date, romantic partner or a soul mate in online dating sites should create a bond with these sites as friends, keep in touch with these online dating sites as much as you do with your friend. The more time you spend with your friend the more you come to know each other and understand the best time to reach out to your friend and to spend quality time together. This applies to online dating sites as well where you need to keep in touch with those sites and spend quality time finding the match for yourself and even try to get help and advice from the dating blog very similar to a real-life friend.

Comment on this article and tell us what you consider would be other areas you can relate your friend to online dating sites.

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