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7 facts singles want to hide from their date forever

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Dating is an exciting moment in each one’s life. Each person wants to put up his or her best foot forward when on a date. Special care is taken to wear the right outfit, the hairdo, the perfume, the footwear and the accessories too. Dating marks the beginning of a relationship and gives a sense of well-being and security to the singles. No single going on a date would want to ruin that relationship. He or she would strive to build a stronger bond with the date if the chemistry works on the first meeting. Most singles will hide these facts from their date, so be wary of these:

1. Alcoholism - this is one of the biggest problems singles face if they have been alone and lonely for too long. Their dependence on alcohol may have made them alcoholics which they will never share with their date for a fear of losing him or her

7 facts singles want to hide from their date forever

7 facts singles want to hide from their date forever

2. Drug abuse- even if he or she has been rehabilitated one will never give this secret out. Hiding this fact seems proper to them as they consider this a passing phase of life

3. Relationship with ex- knowing details of relationship with the ex may drive your date away. Don’t mention former lovers to her or she may label you to be a sex maniac

4. Personal Comment- no matter how fat or ugly she looks in that dress, never tell her that unless you want to get rid of her

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5. Family secrets-are best kept secrets. Be it a broken home, your parents multiple partners or gay or lesbian streaks

6. OCD- obsessive compulsive disorder is most prevalent amongst people today. Most of them are aware of it but do not want disclose that fact

7. Medical Ailment-is best kept hidden from the date forever which maybe life threatening so one can enjoy the company

Being too honest with your date may not be the best policy and that is the reason why singles hide facts from their date. However, be aware that trust can be lost if you don’t disclose some of this information early on in the relationship.

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Are Self-Help Books good for me? - Part 1

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

It occurred to me that self-help books are frowned upon by a few people who think its only available to people lacking general skills. Others rely on it to a great extent and often miss out the practical aspects that the book pertains to. It would be wrong to say that self-help books are not useful since anyone reading it can get something useful out of it. The trick is the balance. If you note, that I mentioned in a previous article that ‘Dating is not about Dating’, this sort of sums up how you should view self-help or self-aid books or resources. Use the information that best suits you and don’t delve too deep into the subject, otherwise it becomes an exercise of information only and not something you can take with you and apply.

Are Self-Help Books good for me

Are Self-Help Books good for me

I often have a saying that the best way of correcting issues is to adopt the simplest approach. This applies to using the self-help tools available and instead of taking this valuable tool to rediscovering your whole areas for improvement, just target one or two specific areas. For example, let’s say you have come across a book that explains to you how to approach more women and get dates. You should read this book in context to what you are doing currently, not to completely change the way you approach the women.

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Getting the Dates You Want - part 1

Friday, January 25th, 2013

You will remember one of our recent articles which talks about how to get more dates, simply by meeting more people..The trick is to be around people to get more dates

All it takes is to get yourself into many gatherings, events and anywhere where there are plenty of people. However, for some it doesn’t stop there. If you are confident about approaching new people and chatting to them then your chances of getting dates will increase considerably. There are groups of people, men in particular who are seeking more advice on this subject since they are not exactly the Don Juan in this department. Here we talk a bit more about this.

Getting the Dates You Want - part 1

Getting the Dates You Want - part 1

The first task as you can guess is to meet as many people as you can and then to get dates. You have crossed the first important hurdle of where you are presenting yourself to all these nice ladies or gentlemen. Keep in mind that first impressions can count a lot, so be wary about your appearance and if you are a man, try to get a woman’s point of view on your dress attire. Surprisingly ladies also need some input in this area and they can ask opinion of several friends or relatives to get more insight into their dress sense.

Your next aim is to dismiss some of the myths that has be perpetrating around society with regards to finding mates. These are stuff like ‘love at first sight’ or ‘mr or mrs is waiting around the corner’ and believing in destiny.

To be continued….

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The best cardio workout – Flirting

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Flirting comes naturally to few and others need to be a bit proactive in that art. Did you know flirting comes with a bunch of great cardio benefits? Whether you are single or in a relationship, flirting is a very powerful tool to make you feel good, generate positive energy and to pump the involuntary muscles of the heart as well. It is an ideal cardio workout with instant health benefits.

The lingering gaze, the deep look makes the heart flutter and is the first step towards flirting. He/she looks at you and lengthens the eye contact, the heart begins to race. The heart pumps harder and oxygenated blood travels to all the organs and muscles of the body thereby reducing stress and providing nourishment.

The best cardio workout – Flirting

The best cardio workout – Flirting

After holding the gaze the next action is for you to walk up to him/her and while talking you casually touch. The breathing becomes more rapid. The moment you realize this, you automatically take deep breaths to calm yourself before you approach to speak. The deep breathing exercise oxygenates the blood which is also pumped to the brains by the heart thereby calming the brain activity that helps you to think more clearly.

Any activity that gets the heart rate up, increases blood circulation throughout the body is healthy and beneficial. All muscles need exercise that includes the heart muscles too. Regular flirting is a wonderful workout for the heart muscles to keep it in shape and healthy with additional benefit of the feel good factor. Flirt your way to a healthy heart today!

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The State of Free matchmaking sites in California - part 2

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

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To get a full appreciation of the online dating market, one needs to go to these venues to find out the many unique ways that this market is developing. No doubt, many will be talking about Facebook’s interest in entering this long established business. Last year’s topics were very much on the mobile arena and this year we can expect these discussions to continue. The most important aspect of this market will be the users behavior towards dating sites, their perceptions and how they use it. Ultimately, it all boils down to how the end users are going to make a choice about online dating sites as a means of fulfilling their own requirements.

In addition the seriousness of this business in coupling singles together for a long term vested interest, there is another bigger pie in this business world that has proven to be very lucrative. The business of adult dating has always been around since the day when online dating came into the mainstream. These sites that cater to the whimsical needs of singles who are driven by their own libido than anything else have always proved to be lucrative. Sites which border between what is considered morally good and just plain sex site such as AshleyMadison have also caught the eyes of many. Expect to see many of these services being offered through the smartphone apps.

2013 will be the year where California will be home to more innovative products and services offered in the online dating market. However, expect the market to be more volatile with more players coming and going and a few of the bigger players hitting an all time high.

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