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College romance: Dating places to fall in love

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

College times are the ideal time to fall in love. You are in your late teens and full of energy and curiosity. You come across hordes of people, you interact with; get attracted to not only for their looks but for their qualities due to common interests as well. As students most of the time of the year is spent in college in labs, classrooms, gyms, cafeteria, basketball ground or the park bench. The remainder of the time is spent at parties or events. Meeting many people makes it likelier that you will develop attraction for someone.

College romance: Dating places to fall in love

College romance: Dating places to fall in love

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Cafeteria is the most likely place to fall in love when in college. The free time is spent over coffee and each person here is trying to break the rut and relax in the little free time. With an almost free mind, one becomes more observant and the probability of being attracted to somebody is the highest.

Gym or sports field is another place to fall in love. Working out not only pumps the heart but also releases the feel good hormone in the brain. Again a relaxed mind is more prone to logical thinking and being attracted to the person whose interests match yours.

Close proximity in the laboratory when working on some projects together builds a bond which turns into affection. This can be called the intellectual binding which develops into a special relationship.

‘Fall’ is a process that is uncontrollable, inevitable, risky that makes you vulnerable. It is so rightly phrased to fall in love and what can be a better place to fall in love than in college when youth and enthusiasm are at its peak?

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The best cardio workout – Flirting

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Flirting comes naturally to few and others need to be a bit proactive in that art. Did you know flirting comes with a bunch of great cardio benefits? Whether you are single or in a relationship, flirting is a very powerful tool to make you feel good, generate positive energy and to pump the involuntary muscles of the heart as well. It is an ideal cardio workout with instant health benefits.

The lingering gaze, the deep look makes the heart flutter and is the first step towards flirting. He/she looks at you and lengthens the eye contact, the heart begins to race. The heart pumps harder and oxygenated blood travels to all the organs and muscles of the body thereby reducing stress and providing nourishment.

The best cardio workout – Flirting

The best cardio workout – Flirting

After holding the gaze the next action is for you to walk up to him/her and while talking you casually touch. The breathing becomes more rapid. The moment you realize this, you automatically take deep breaths to calm yourself before you approach to speak. The deep breathing exercise oxygenates the blood which is also pumped to the brains by the heart thereby calming the brain activity that helps you to think more clearly.

Any activity that gets the heart rate up, increases blood circulation throughout the body is healthy and beneficial. All muscles need exercise that includes the heart muscles too. Regular flirting is a wonderful workout for the heart muscles to keep it in shape and healthy with additional benefit of the feel good factor. Flirt your way to a healthy heart today!

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Science Of Opposite Sex Attraction, Flirting and Myths in the Real World

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

History of attraction between men and women is not new but no matter how much you talk and write about this subject, it still offers freshness, excitement and has endless possibilities for explanation.

Science Of Opposite Sex Attraction, Flirting and Myths in the Real World

Science Of Opposite Sex Attraction, Flirting and Myths in the Real World

This attraction gives you different meaning and offer different pleasures at various ages and what’s your relationship status. This attraction has 365 shades and each one is full swing on your relationship status and what your age is. To show your desperation (in positive ways) flirting is a preferred way all over the world and probably the standard.

When you are single you often flirt to send messages loud and clear that you are single and ready to mingle (all possible ways). When you are in relationship, you still have the right to flirt, but flirting when you are in a relationship is considered as a step towards cheating. At times flirting with others can help your relationship with your existing partner as you feel more happy and attracted towards life.

The myth going around the world is that we need to come out of our thinking that it’s fine that you are impressed by someones good looks and beauty. It’s perfectly alright praising and flirting (make sure you don’t do it in front of your partner). There is difference between flirting and cheating when you are in a relationship. Doing a two-timing affair is cheating or having an attachment (emotionally and physically) between two individual is cheating.

Give us some of your views commenting on this article in making this article less biased and and to share with your social circle.

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Be Naughty to Use Flirting Ideas as Ice Breaker

Friday, June 8th, 2012

The dictionary meaning of flirting is to act amorously without serious intention, generally with the opposite sex. Both men and women use the flirting techniques to get the attention of the opposite sex. Normally the word flirting gets associated with men but women also practice the flirting techniques to attract the men in public.

Be Naughty to Use Flirting Ideas as Ice Breaker

Be Naughty to Use Flirting Ideas as Ice Breaker

Here are top FIVE techniques of Ice breaker flirtations-

1. In a common friend’s party she introduces you to a male friend, go for a hand shake but hold his hand for couple of seconds extra or might go for a warm shake by pressing his hand more than usual.

2. In a disco offer a guy some money standing next to the juke box and ask him for some songs and then just say sorry as you thought he was the DJ.

3. In a college you prefer wearing high heel shoes, while walking down the corridor bump in to him purposely.

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4. Touching is the most common yet effective flirting skill, when the guy is shy you need to step up and surprise him by placing your hand on his hand or knees.

5. One of the most effective ways to attract men is that girls can use their smile with good eye contact. A killer smile can certainly break the ice and make that guy initiate a conversation.

There are few good ice breaker flirting tips, comment on this article and tell us what you would for ice breakers that work spontaneously.

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