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Don't spend too much time in virtual dating - learn from experts

Many online daters spend too much time trying to wade through hundreds and even thousands of online profiles and is not the recommendation of many psychological experts in social science. They recommend that you have real-life meetings with potential dates that you meet online, more often....[..]

The link between career aspirations and relationships

There are relationships between the person who has high career aspirations and their relationships with other people. We provide a snippet of this...[..]

Profile Fabrication in Dating Sites - Trends in 2015

Dating scam on online dating sites for 2015 has not abated and can leave the genuine member out of pocket or with heartaches. Here we give you some foundational advise on what to watch out for in the trends for 2015.[..]

India Sex Survey Findings - 2015

India's Sexy Survey Dating - 2015 - follows in the footsteps of our previous popular article on India's Sex Survey 2013. Find out the latest trends of 2015 and the changing landscape of Indian sex and dating in the year 2015.[..]

More singles looking for online dates than ever before

Online dating has taken on many meanings to different people with mobile apps making it far easier to meet other partners. Has mobile dating changed our behavior and the way we date, the post tries to touch on some of these points.[..]

Gifts for him - advice to our feminine crowd

Buying gifts for your man has it's own set of problems ie. you can't decide what would really please him, but there is more to just buying materialistic gifts, just be creative and I don't mean the other way which you maybe thinking of![..]

Zoosk.com - A dating site that was making headline news at one time

Zoosk.com - once a high achiever has lost significant traffic to its site. Through means which we do not know completely, but we are left with a sense of wonder how we look at winners and losers of today.[..]

Marriage - why is it such a complicated thing?

Why are there so many marriage failures today? Since 1970 marriages have declined over 50% and more people are getting married later in life. A cautionary tale or something we can learn that helps us to avoid mistakes...[..]

Useful information on how Google indexes dating sites

Google is still King when it comes to searches and here we show how Google potentially indexes dating sites. Hopefully, our readers will be armed with a little more information to make a better determination to the sites they are visiting.[..]

Trying to find free online dating platforms - where are they now?

It's not easy to filter through hundreds of search results that come back when you are looking for free date sites. I recommend that you use a free site tool to help you find the good online dating sites that are out there.[..]


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