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Marriage - why is it such a complicated thing?

Why are there so many marriage failures today? Since 1970 marriages have declined over 50% and more people are getting married later in life. A cautionary tale or something we can learn that helps us to avoid mistakes...[..]

Useful information on how Google indexes dating sites

Google is still King when it comes to searches and here we show how Google potentially indexes dating sites. Hopefully, our readers will be armed with a little more information to make a better determination to the sites they are visiting.[..]

Trying to find free date sites - where are they now?

It's not easy to filter through hundreds of search results that come back when you are looking for free date sites. I recommend that you use a free site tool to help you find the good free dating sites that are out there.[..]

Are you a left-sided or right-sided brain or both?

Is being too left-sided or too right-sided brain hamper our development? I try to explain that this notion of being too left or right sided can have serious consequences to the way we perceive gender roles.[..]

Are free dating sites still worth the trouble?

Free dating sites - how are they all made out to be, are they worth the trouble? This short article helps to answer these inkling questions. Great for newbies to online dating sites.[..]

Haven't made the move to an online dating site - don't worry help is here

Some essential pointers to folks who have not made the move to the online dating scene.[..]

Surfing dating sites on Windows 10

Windows 10 is here and if you have been lucky to download this free operating system OS, you will realize that it changes the way you view, surf and use many of the dating websites. For those of you who have not ventured into this new OS, you may have reservations in the way it affects how you use your current PC or laptop.[..]

Romantification of vacation: How to Guide

Daily workload, stress, meeting project deadlines and generating more profit in a fumbling economy can take the fun out of your life and if both the partners are working than the situation can be worse. Candle light dinner, weekend outings and cosmopolitan magazine tips to spice up your sex life won’t work if there is an emotional disconnect that has created the vacuum in the relationship.

Romantification of vacation: How to Guide

Romantification of vacation: How to Guide

One of the best way to get rid of this vacuum is fill it with some fresh air and rediscover the relationship. Taking a break and going to a location where you have always wanted and especially not with no baggage of office work can help in a great deal.

How to prepare for a romantic vacation

1. As you are going on a break and likely to be longer than usual make sure you take your finances seriously. Ensure you don’t run out of money away from home and have a backup plan for these kind of situation as you can spend some extra money on leisure.

2. Choose the location that both of you can enjoy and remember its all about “WE” on this romantic holiday.

3. Shopping is one of the best ways to set the mood for a holiday, for a change shape by his/her choice.

4. Plan complete holiday in advance taking help of tour operator to avoid last minute hassles.

5. If you are going to a place where languages will be a barrier, try to learn basic things.

How to Make Holiday Romantic

1. Spend time to relive some old moments and reminisce the love that sparked between you. Both of you might feel you guys did lots of stupid acts to get each others attention.

2. Use photos to rekindle the love, we get stimulated easily by visual imagery.

3. Small talk with a romantic walk close to nature creates the perfect setting with the sun going down in the background.

4. Music is the best way to get in the mood before you set the night on fire with some steamy love making Kama-Sutra positions. With smart phone apps, it’s so easy to try new positions as the Kamasutra apps are just a tap away.

Don’t forget to add comments and your real experiences to rekindle the old love.

Commitment Phobia - Getting Viral in India

Running away from commitment in a relationship is common in the USA and other western countries. Marry at late 30’s to ensure you know personally before tying the knot or at least test many before you meet the right person and make up your mind.

On the flip side India has been known for their strong social values, grand wedding and rituals. This has also been celebrated by many Hollywood celebrities to ensure they get the luck in the divorce capital of the USA.

Relationship phobia in India | Love life | Desi Romance

Relationship phobia in India | Love life | Desi Romance

However, this trend is changing in India young generation especially men from metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and from India silicon valley Bangalore (many other top cities) don’t want to take this responsibility in the early age - and especially not arranged by their parents.

Relationship, wedding ceremonies and romance have been the hallmark of Indian movies for the past 100 years. But, this is also taking a new turn, the latest release “Shuddh Desi Romance” (Pure Indian Romance) movie cleanly narrates new GEN Y love in India as how the trend has changed in the past 10 years from commitment focused generation to pro live-in relationship supporting India.

This has been a debate from time know as why this generation Y is running away from commitment and many social activists are putting their head in research and surveys.

Here are theories floating around for Commitment phobia in India Gen Y

1. More exposed and exchange of western culture as India being the market for many
companies and India is one of the cheapest manpower providers of many American
IT and ITES companies. This brings exposure from other parts of the world and their social structure.

2. Indian GEN Y is more independent and self dependent than some of the previous generations. Financial independence has changed how young India make daily decisions.

3. Critics are also saying that it is just in their mind as what they see outside India do not exist in India as they have a strong social bearing and no need for GEN Y to become afraid of commitment.

No matter what people are saying, the fact is that it is getting more and more evident and even the Apex court of law has also legalized the live-in relationship in India.

Profile Fabrication - Trap from New Dating Sites 2013

In search for new dating sites of 2013 to find local singles? Be aware from the sites that sends emails to their members to check out the new hot chicks in town which turn out to be the marketing gimmick as you won’t find the same profile when you use the search feature once you have joined their site. Strange but true.

According to the recent news on Sky News, one of out five dating profile is fabricated but the question is what are they fabricating and why?

dating profile fabrication on free dating sites

dating profile fabrication on free dating sites

Here is how the fabrication on free online dating profile is happening on two ends

1. Registered user do not mention their correct age but, this is not new. According to latest survey 18% online singles admit that they don’t tell their right age when they create an online dating profile.

2. Study also finds that the website owners are sending dented painted profiles and when we say dented painted profiles it mean profile picture of one user, age of another, location of someone else and many distorted facts to make profile searching very frustrating. Not only do you have to filter through profiles that do not meet your criteria but you also have to contend with fake profiles.

There are plenty of sites that are practicing this to get more and more singles visit their site time and time again. Sad part of this is happening all over the world, we test for some of the Indian dating sites and found that this is very much evident there.

The next time you join any free dating sites make sure you check out the few profiles and when you get newsletters check out the search feature of that dating site and search for the same profile if you don’t find that profile then you know what to do!!

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